Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication – SECOND EDITION

Foreword by Victor & Wendy Zammit

Endorsed by Anne Puryear, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Dr. R. Craig Hogan, Dr. Mark Pitstick, and Suzanne Giesemann

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Soul Smart contains helpful techniques on how people could connect with their guides and loved ones in spirit. Susanne provides illuminating insights about afterlife and tells us that “each person now living has a unique spiritual team of spirit guides, angels, and loved ones in the light.” This book enlightens the way on how to effectively communicate with those who have gone before us. Death is not the end but just the beginning.

“When Your Partner Doesn’t Believe”

by Victor Zammit, Wendy Zammit, and Susanne Wilson.

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“When Your Partner Doesn’t Believe”