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  • Maria Robles

    I just had a phone consultation with Susanne and i want to say that i am very grateful for the joy and peace she has given me after the recent transcendence of my beloved Son and husband, blessings to her and may she be able to continue helping as many mothers in grief as she has helped me. God Bless you Susanne.

    -posted on Best Psychic Directory, Oct 20, 2014 by Maria Robles

  • Gina Elliot

    I have had several readings from this beautiful lady and she is absolutely the most gifted and accurate Medium I have personally ever encountered. Her energy is calm, soothing and uplifting. Through her I have connected with my own guides in spirit, protective angels, and family members and loved ones who have passed. I have personally recommended her to several friends and they have had amazing life-changing experiences. Love you Susanne Wilson!

    posted on Facebook, Oct 3, 2014 by Gina Elliot

  • Jackie Jones-Hunt, PhD

    I have been a psychical researcher for 30 years investigating all aspects of mediumship. I had a telephone reading with Susanne Wilson who, I found to be a sincere and genuine medium of excellent quality who gave me superb evidence of the continued survival after physical death of my devoted pet dogs & members of my family..

    -posted on Best Psychic Directory, Aug 8, 2014 by Jackie Jones-Hunt, PhD

  • Rev. Anne Puryear

    My reading from Susanne Wilson was one of the most accurate and evidential readings I have ever had. When I listened to the recording she gave me, I could hear myself saying over and over again - that's right. She brought through my son Stephen, my brother and our dog Beethoven who had died, with information that could only have come from a strong spiritual connection between Susanne and each of them. Some most unusual information was extremely evidential. A very hopeful & helpful reading..

    -posted on Best Psychic Directory, Aug 5, 2014 by Rev. Anne Puryear

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