Winning the Psychic Attack (Part 3)

timthumb (2)“Help — I’ve fallen into the psychic attack and I can’t get up!”

Yeah. You can. You will.

Your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Teachers, Healers and Loved Ones in the White Light are already at your side…You will come out of this STRONGER and WISER. Your responsibility is to do everything humanly possible to strengthen your energy field — your aura. Strengthening your aura allows your soul-level realization that you are not separate from God.

Because God is never separate from us. Human kind has created a false sense of separation from God.

Here is my 12-point action plan for defense/offense against psychic attack:
1.Talk to the Creator daily. Prayer is talking to God.

?Nothing elaborate is required.

?Thank God for your life and your many blessings.

?Ask for guidance and protection, for yourself and loved ones.

2. Listen to the Creator daily. Meditation is listening to God.

?Meditate. Just ten minutes a day is fine. Sit down comfortably and focus on your breathing.

?Ask God to help you achieve your greater good each day.

?Be in the moment. Listen to that still, small voice.

3. Be a WARRIOR, not a worrier. One of the most often repeated phrases in the Christian Bible is as follows: “DO NOT FEAR.”

?Warriors mentally and emotionally put on the mantle of the Creator’s love and protection each day.

?Warriors prepare for the worst and pray for the best, without obsessing on what-if scenarios.

?Warriors understand that a challenge is usually a learning opportunity.

?This too shall pass.


4. Clean the negativity from your media diet.

?Avoid movies, television shows and books that focus on extreme violence or pornography.

?Purge your DVR programming of all serial killer, crime and autopsy type programs.

?Limit news exposure to maximum 30 minutes per day. Don’t watch the news just before bedtime. You need 8 hours of peaceful rest.

?If you are not sitting directly in front of your television and computer, either turn them off or tune them in to soothing music.

Check out Spiritual Media Blog for uplifting entertainment.

5. Eat simply and fresh.

?The freshest foods with the least ingredients are generally best for you.

?Make water your default beverage.

?Limit desserts, breads and alcoholic drinks, so they are enhancements, not the highlight, of meals.

?Realize that you won’t feel full until 20-30 minutes after you stop. At least 6 days per week, push away from the table before you start feeling full.

6. Embrace impermanence.

?Youth, career, beauty, money, reputation, lovers, and friends are transitory phenomena. Don’t become so attached to phenomena that you neglect the nourishment of your soul.

?Drastic life changes need not rattle you for very long. Let your relationship with the Creator lift you up. God’s love is the one true thing guaranteed, forever.

7. Purge toxicity.

?Make yourself regularly unavailable to people who drain your energy and leave you exhausted.

?If you are married to a toxic person, love yourself enough to change the situation; because the Lord knows you cannot change the person.

?Curse words are toxic to your spiritual health. Don’t use them. Ask others not to use them in your presence.

8. Be present and mindful.

?Have quiet conversations with your children, often. Hear what they say; hear what they don’t say. Remember to speak from love and acceptance. Your words and actions will stay with them longer than you think.

?Be kind to animals. Don’t neglect or abuse them, and don’t allow it to happen. We are their guardians.

?Sit outside with nature, or take walks if you are able. Pay close attention to sounds, sights, smells, feelings and details. This will develop your discernment.

?Focus on the person with whom you are speaking. Don’t think about what you are going to say next until it is your turn to talk.

9. Stay connected to the arts.

?Get out and visit a museum, concert, play, or gallery. Be a spectator, appreciator, or dabble in something artistic yourself. Take advantage of as many free events as you can.

?If you know how to play an instrument, how to paint, or sing an aria – Do it. Don’t be concerned if you’re not the greatest or you need practice. You will benefit from doing.

?Stand up and dance when the mood strikes.

10. Clear your home and work space of negative energies.

?Over time, spaces become cluttered with positive ions and other unwanted energies that affect mood and health. Either learn how to clear your own space, or hire a professional (one whose practice is based upon love of the Creator).

?Proceed with a focus on good intentions, prayer, and proper tools. You’ll be amazed at the difference an energy clearing makes, especially if you also eliminated the use of curse words.


11. Be a friend to friends. Be friendly to enemies.

?Expect nothing in return for your acts of kindness. Good acts will come back to you, in their own time.

?Make friends with a person completely different from your norm. Whether the difference is cultural, socio-economic or religious, expand your sphere a little bit. See where you grow from there.

?Be nice to that person who antagonizes you at work, your place of worship, or your community organization. Don’t let them walk all over you, but don’t hide out either. You have great learning potential with your antagonists.

12. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Often.

?There are couples that always say, “I love you”, at the end of every phone call to each other and their children. Be like them. Most of us never know when our last day is coming. Today is not too late to start.

?Love is the strongest energy of all. Love never dies. Love gives you the amazing ability to increase its power exponentially. It’s easy.

Just tell your loved ones, “I LOVE YOU”


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