Winning the Psychic Attack (Part 1)

Though I’ve communicated with spirit my whole life, it wasn’t until I started working professionally as a Spiritual Medium that I learned about psychic attacks. I experienced it myself and I’ve learned about it from my clients.

Psychic attacks are real. They happen. Some can be prevented. Others are part of our learning lessons. With knowledge and with trust in the Creator, not only can you survive a psychic attack, you can come out stronger.
How do you recognize a psychic attack?
You will know it’s happening because you have suffered a series of horrific setbacks and / or losses, and then spiraled into a seemingly unshakeable state of fear and depression. These may also be accompanied by realistic nightmares and sleep disturbances. (Note: Please see your health care providers first, to rule out underlying physical or mental health issues that mirror these the symptoms.)
To cope, it will help to understand the key players and their inherent motivations. Competing energies are involved in psychic attack. The battlefield is your mind, body and Higher Self.This is war.
Psychic Attack Key Players

(1) The Unity

(2) The Opposition
(3) Your Antagonists
(4) You
The Unity are discarnate (meaning without a body) energies on the Other-Side. The term The Unity was popularized in the mediumship community more than 25 years ago by renownedSpiritual Medium Pat Gagliardo. Pat has fended off psychic attacks many times during her stellar career of assisting law enforcement in solving violent crimes, bringing justice to innocent victims. The Unity supported Pat, while the Opposition tried to derail her work.
The Unity are from the higher realms and include your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Teachers and Healers. This group may also include your loved ones in the White Light — especially father / mother figures as well as your loyal companion animals (dogs, cats and birds, for example). I can’t count the number of times companion animals have come through in a reading to say they are “watching over” their person here on the Earth.
The Unity strives to protect and defend you against psychic attack. When we give unconditional love and forgiveness; when we serve others selflessly; The Unity rejoices and shines ever more brightly. The Unity wants you to achieve your life’s purpose and stands ready to protect and inspire you.
The Opposition are discarnate energies on the Other-Side, but these are from the lower realms. This group feeds on human energies associated with hatred, grudges, selfish acts that cause harm, violence and addiction. The Opposition has an insatiable hunger to cause this negativity to happen on the Earth, and then gleefully feeds upon it.
Your Antagonists are the people in your life who — well obviously — antagonize you. They can make your life miserable. Antagonists may also be your teachers in disguise, here to help you learn an important (but tough) life lesson.
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