Why peace of mind eludes the faithful

timthumbMany who have faith seem to have no peace of mind.  They worry themselves sick.  They refuse to take risks for fear of loss, all the while saying they have strong faith.  Yes, that was me.  Until I learned the missing piece…A person of faith can’t find peace of mind unless that person also has trust.

Faith is not enough if trust is missing.  Peace of mind is available…Peace of mind is free…Peace of mind awaits us all.

Trust is so much deeper than faith. Faith is praying to be shown the answers.  Trust is knowing that the answers are within
you.  Trust & peace of mind are in alignment.

Trust allows you to get out of your comfort zone, take risks & do your true soul work.

Live life by divine design, not by default.  Let yourself trust that everything will be all right. Trust there is a plan at work.

Everyone has the ability to feel peace of mind just as everyone has some level of intuitive abilities.   The major impediment to both?  Being busy people!  We get so consumed by making a living and worrying about the future that we forget to live in the present.

The present moment is where intuition flourishes & peace of mind bathes our souls, reminding us that the body is just a shell.  We are so much more than just our shell.  We aresoul selves.

The recipe for peace of mind?  Prayer, meditation & attitude of gratitude.  Focus on the present to hear that still, small voice of peace & insight — Your soul self speaks!

flower1Receiving inspiration is easier when your mind is quiet.  It may sound strange to you, but it takes some work to make your mind quiet.  It becomes much easier with practice.

Let me share an example of working to achieve peace of mind.

Back in Florida in 1995, I took a community college night class on meditation.  I was not a practicing Spiritual Medium at that time. I took the meditation class because I was seeking pain relief from a serious spinal injury.

My decision to work at meditation was like flipping the peace-of-mind button to the “on” position.  It paved the way for important future events in my life; and I believe it can change your life as well.  Please don’t wait for illness or injury to make meditation part of your life.

I believe inspiration is all around you.  Not only is inspiration around you — it’s inside you.  This is because you can receive inspiration from your soul self.  You’ve heard of gut feelings?  It’s true that you get gut feelings.  This comes from the energy center in the body that sits 2 inches above the navel, your solar plexus chakra or stomach chakra.  This is your personal power center & part of your connection to the inner voice of soul self.

4-2011-0761-229x300You can also receive inspiration from your team on the Other-Side:  spirit guides, guardian angels, teachers, healers & loved ones in the white light.  But you must make room to receive this inspiration (and the over-programmed mind can be a little too crowded).  When you make peace of mind a priority then inspiration flows to you, from within (your soul self) & from without (your spiritual team).

When you receive a bit of inspiration, please remember to stop a moment & feel the lovely beats of your grateful heart.  Give thanks; more inspiration will come!

Let yourself trust that it will be all right.There is a plan at work.

What will you do this week for your peace of mind? How about turning off computers, phones & PDAs for an hour.  Sit outside with nature.  Focus on your breathing & see the beauty in what’s directly around you.  Download a 20-minute meditation recording that uplifts you — Tune in first thing in the morning or last thing at night.



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