Why Did My Spirit Loved One Seem Younger?

“I caught a glimpse of my daughter; she was standing in the kitchen close to me. She looked four years old. This was the first time I felt her presence since she passed. She tapped my hand exactly the way she did as a child, whenever she wanted me to swoop her up, into my arms, for a hug and a kiss.” –  Mary, a student in my class

This amazing after death communication (ADC) is made even more remarkable by the fact that the woman’s daughter was in her  forties when she transitioned.

Now my student was asking me why her adult daughter in Heaven would appear to her as a toddler.

I caught my breath and collected my thoughts for a few seconds. “First off, wow, what a wonderful experience! Based on 20 decades of afterlife research, it appears that spirit people can choose to modify how they appear to others. They have their reasons for doing so.” I continued as Mary nodded. “Your daughter knows that your fondest wish is to hug her again, and those were very special hugs during her childhood.” We both smiled.

Months prior to my conversation with Mary, I had spoken with some parents who had similar experiences. After a weekend workshop on the US East Coast, my co-presenter and I were invited to dinner by the hosts who helped to organize the event. The dinner party was lovely. I was the only person present who was not a bereaved parent. The parents were enjoying a happy and lively discussion of the after death communications (ADCs) that they had received from their children in Heaven.

Sensing an opening in the conversation, I asked a question. I wanted to know, “Do you ever experience your child’s spiritual presence as though he were a child or childlike?” I asked because, frankly, I was curious. Not long before, I had spoken with a bereaved mother on the phone who told me something very interesting. She said that she often smelled baby powder whenever she felt the spiritual presence of her adult daughter. Furthermore, a medium, who had no prior knowledge of this fact, told the woman during a sitting that her adult spirit daughter visited her mother with the “scent of a baby” in order to make her mother feel joy, if only for a moment.

Now I was asking these moms at dinner if anything similar had happened to them. Were their adult children coming through as children or childlike?

The moms said yes, that when their children want to be playful, they exhibit childlike energy. They may even leave a sign in a fun way. For example, feathers have spontaneously appeared flying as though launched from a refrigerator when the refrigerator door was opened.

I am forever grateful for that conversation. It may even have helped to save a life, as you are about to see.

The following week, I was back in my Carefree, Arizona office. A bereaved father was having a reading with me on video conference. Although I do not look at my client during a reading, I perfectly understand that some clients wish to see me on their computer or smartphone.

I had only my client’s first name and the meeting computer link. It is the best way, at least for me, to begin a reading. As we started, he said that he had waited a year and that he was desperate.

Right away, I heard from his daughter.

The reading was moving along as usual, when, out of the blue, the daughter showed me my memory of the dinner conversation from the East Coast. Following that specific cue, I offered to my client, “Well, your daughter can come to you as her playful, silly, happy, childlike self, even though she was an adult at transition. I am getting the feeling that she wants you to know that.”

Just then I felt a sharp, electrical, stinging sensation on my forearm. “Ow!” Startled to say the least, I indicated to my client the unpleasant stinging sensation on my arm.

He immediately brightened up. In fact, he was quite excited. “Oh. My. Word!” Now I was awaiting the punchline. What the heck was that?

He said, “There is something you should know.” My client then explained that before the reading, he had asked his daughter in spirit to somehow “let the medium know” whether the little pinches he sometimes feels on his arm, when no one is visibly present, are from her. You see, little arm pinches were “a thing” that they did when his daughter was school aged.

Apparently, I must have needed a much bigger pinch to get the point across to me.

After the reading concluded, he told me that he’d thought seriously of suicide and more than once. However, knowing that his daughter was with him brought him great comfort. Anytime someone brings up suicide, I carefully explain that a reading is not intended to substitute for mental and emotional support. He promised to see a counselor if he needed help again, and, meanwhile, he promised that he would live his life to the fullest.

Recently, my first cousin passed. We had spent all of our childhood summers and most of our holiday breaks together. In those days we were inseparable, although later on, we drifted apart.

To my delight, my darling cousin showed up in a dream for me. It was during the 2019 holidays. He appeared to be about 17 years old, although he transitioned in his fifties.

“Wow, you sure are young,” I said to my cousin, telepathically, (mind to mind) in the dream visit. He was smiling while quietly riffing on his unplugged electric guitar. Taking stock of my surroundings, I noted that we were in a room much like his bedroom in high school: black walls and a black-light aimed at glow-in-the-dark posters of rock bands that were popular in the late 1970s.

I knew that this was going to be a short visit. Dream visits usually are quite brief. As I struggled with what to say. my cousin spoke to me; again, this was telepathic in nature. “You’re not having any fun!” he said. I knew instantly that he was referring to my harried work life. “Tune up your piano, Susie,” he added. And then, just as quickly as that, the dream visit ended.

My dear cousin was reminding me to “stop and smell the roses” as the saying goes. The piano symbolized doing what I enjoy, simply for the sake of pleasure. It seems as though our spirit loved ones can know what we need. They are not shy about reaching out to remind us!

You will ALWAYS be able to recognize your loved ones who are now in spirit. They will be their happiest, healthiest, and whole version of themselves.

One more thing: the piano tuner is coming next week.

Susanne J. Wilson, MPA is an intuition expert, author, and teaching medium based in Carefree, Arizona. She can be reached at carefreemedium.com.




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