Where is Heaven?

Susanne-Wilson-purple3-e13315177454521When we “die” in the physical world, our consciousness wakes up in the spirit world, heaven. Where is heaven?

Is heaven another universe?

Although I’m fond of the term universe because it implies oneness, perhaps a more apt term would be multiverse.

After all, we live in a multi-dimensional world according to quantum physics. Yet our traditional 5 senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell & taste) usually fail to reveal the multiverse around us. The 5 senses trap us, fool us, keep us sleepwalking through life’s possibilities..Until we tap into intuitive living.

Intuitive living begins the moment we reach a deeper realization of our divinity, our God-given intuitive abilities. That liberation empowers us to sense heaven existing all around us.

alaska-waterfall-300x225My preacher Granddad used to say, “We live so far below our privileges.” 
I have heard that we humans use less than 10% of our brain capacity at any given moment.  While I don’t know if that is true, I do believe we filter out a lot of  information that could have been helpful had we paid attention.  But the human brain only imprints what it has the ability to see and comprehend — in other words we register with what we believe is possible.

Lately I have concluded that we (by default) co-create the so-called veil between the physical & spiritual worlds. The veil is (in part) a quantum physical manifestation of our all-too-human belief that we are separate from God. In reality there is no separation.

We all have the potential to be so much more. Live up to your privileges. Use every bit of talent you have; let your intuition guide you. Risks are less dicey when you listen to your inner voice.

Live your truth with no regrets.

Approval is not required & you have plenty of support in spirit. Bear in mind — you have not really “lost” any loved ones. They are right here with you, cheering you on. Heaven is all around you!

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