Where is Consciousness?

Hi Susanne,

I really enjoyed Chat with Spirit Guides last night. You really got me to thinking about what I believe when you asked “Where is our consciousness?” That’s a great question, and I wanted to follow up.

Last night I typed into the webinar’s chat box “Our consciousness is everywhere.” But there is much more.

I don’t believe that, when we discard our dense physical body, our consciousness merely dissolves into the One Mind or Universal Consciousness. I believe that we retain a portion that continues to be uniquely us.

I think of it like this: the One Mind or Universal Consciousness or Source is like a vast and unlimited ocean.

We who are incarnated human beings are like containers that are filled with ocean water.

Because we are temporarily in our “containers”, we are capable of having unique experiences that are separate from the other aspects of the ocean.

Our experiences change us; hopefully experiences help us to grow and evolve. And, in that sense, we will always be different and unique from the rest of the ocean that was not in the same container as were we.

After we shed the temporary human body or container, our bit of ocean water will rejoin the ocean. However, because our individual consciousness imprinted from  experiences on the Earthly plane — and likely from experiences on other planes of existence too — our individual souls underwent growth.

Our souls are always Source; we are always “ocean water”; we are always identifiable as “us.”

Our specific container of ocean water, our own soul, has unique experiences and grows and evolves. We will always carry the individual imprint of who we are.

I also suspect that there may be times that our soul is actually more diffuse or undifferentiated and able to be part of all there is. However, I sense that our own soul has the ability to gather itself together into a more focused and separate expression of ourselves. It is like the sunlight that seems to be everywhere, but if you take a magnifying glass you can focus it into a pinpoint of coalesced light.

It seems that our consciousness is everywhere like sunlight but “we” are still there and recognizable as concentrated points of light.

While I don’t know exactly how to explain it — because I think it’s still not completely solid in my own mind —  I believe in a duality of consciousness. We are both everywhere and “localized” in the sense of being distinct from the whole.

Thanks again for a thought-provoking evening on Chat With Spirit Guides.

Judy Segal, Guest Contributor

The guest post was published with Judy’s enthusiastic permission. Be part of the conversation on our monthly webinars!

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