When you go to Reiki class, you signal the Universe

“When you go to Reiki class, you signal the Universe you are ready to let your light shine brighter.”  That is my answer whenever people ask me whether they should take a Reiki class.  Listen:  If there is an energy healing modality that interests you, then do something about that.  Your spiritual team hears your intention and is waiting for you to take action.  Remember the Universe is conspiring in your favor, eager to help you grow.

Reiki is a powerful tool for healing and manifesting abundance and there are many wonderful Reiki Master Teachers in this world.  If you live near or visit the Phoenix area, I offer public and private Reiki Certification classes. My next public class is on Sunday afternoon, April 21st.  

Here are a few highlights of taking Reiki certification with me.

First–You can relax & enjoy the wonderful energy. You do not need to take notes in my class. I provide you with my Reiki manual that includes all notes.

Second–You will have plenty of practice time. My class size is limited to 6 people so there is generous practice time and Q&A time.

Extra Benefit–I share my perspective as someone who sees “unseen” energy. Besides being a Reiki Master Teacher with nearly 15 years experience, I am also a spiritual medium. While I cover all the traditional Reiki material, I offer extra insights about energy, healing and your aura.

There are many modalities for energy healing–Reiki, Yoga, Pranic Healing and Tai Chi to name a few.  Find one that appeals to your heart and go for it with joy.  Let your light shine!

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