What to expect from your psychic mediumship reading

swilson-final-221-2-web-2-195x300I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.  This means that I see, hear and feel messages from spirit.  To receive messages for you, I tune-in by hearing your voice.

I have my own unique way of working, so I do not compare myself to any other medium.

I put 100% into every session.  My prayer is that your session will be very helpful to you.  You must also do your part:  Please stay relaxed, keep an open mind and positive attitude.  Go with the flow and enjoy your

About Mediumship

I am in control of keeping the tone of the reading very positive and caring.  But I CANNOT control who comes through or how long they come through.  I cannot connect with specific spirit people on demand – This is not like ordering a cheeseburger and fries.  People in the spirit world decide to show up if THEY feel the timing is right, and messages are from THEIR point of view.  You may hear from Uncle Bob, even though you wanted to hear from Aunt Cindy.  An old friend or classmate could come through.  Please do not reject anybody who comes through – They need to speak and plus they could be holding the door open for others.

Please work with me.  I do NOT need you to feed me information.  Please speak up when you recognize information I am giving.

Names can sound similar, like Ted/Fred/Ed, or Mary/Terry/Carrie…So please help me out when I’m close.  When I give a name, it does not necessarily mean that name is for a deceased person.  Spirit will bring up names of people here in the physical world.

It’s okay if you cannot place all the information immediately.  You may need time to think or the information may need time to develop.  Please make a note for later if you don’t get something right away.

Future Predictions

I will only give predictions if you want them.  If you do not want predictions then I will not give them. I believe your future is always changeable based on your thoughts, words and actions.

After your session  

Thank you!  I am honored to work with you.  Please understand that I cannot go past our allotted time.  Scheduling is setup to honor the time and energy commitments of my clients and myself.

Remember, there are no guarantees with mediumship.  Please focus on the messages that DID come through.  If there is something further you wanted to hear, you may wish to get another reading in 6 months.

Allow yourself to process your reading in your own way and time frame.  Your reading is sacred to YOU, so please be selective when you share it.

After a reading, some people feel tired while others get a natural high.  Relax and by tomorrow you will feel back to normal.  Please review your reading again in 6 months or a year.  Allow your reading to keep giving you gifts from spirit!

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