What is a Spiritual Medium?

Spiritual Mediums align their intentions with their work. They work within the White Light for the greater good of their clients.

All Mediums are psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums. I’ll explain the difference.

Psychics are born with a higher level of intuition than most other people.

At some point in their lives, they decided to develop and use that higher-level intuition, while most others didn’t. You may know this higher-level intuition as the 6th sense.

The 6th sense is a simple label used to describe a complex mental skill set that goes beyond traditional seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling, (AKA the five senses).

The 6th sense is intuition — highly attuned intuition.
Like Psychics, Mediums also use their 6th sense. But there’s more…Mediums have the ability to communicate with the energies of people (and sometimes animals) that no longer have their physical bodies.
Quantum physics informs us that matter can’t be destroyed; it simply changes its form. Think about that for a moment…Life doesn’t end; it changes form.

Bodies don’t last. Bodies weren’t built to last. But life itself is eternal. The Divine Creator designed your soul, your spirit, your intellect to live forever.

I believe that everyone has intuition to some degree. Everyone has some level of psychic ability which they are capable of developing; it may be a small level or an impressive level of psychic ability.

But Mediums are not developed. Mediums are born. You can’t take a class to become a Medium. On the flip side, if you were born a Medium, you can’t make it go away; so you’d be well advised to figure out how to use your abilities for the greater good. Figure out why you are here, and get on with it.

Mediums are souls in the world who still have their physical bodies, yet they can attune to souls who don’t (and communicate with them). In other words, we tune-in to those who have moved over to the Other-Side. I am the type of Medium who uses her mind to connect mentally with energies on the Other-Side. There are other Mediums who use their bodies to channel spirit.

Mediums use special senses including clairvoyance (clear seeing); claircognizance (clear knowing); clairaudience (clear hearing); clairsentience (clear feeling); clairgustance (clear tasting); and clairscent (clear smelling).

Tasting or smelling “messages” from spirit may sound odd or useless. So here’s an example I’d like to share…During a reading, I had the pleasure of tasting AND smelling homemade, sweet molasses syrup – warm and delicious. This was how my client’s deceased aunt chose to identify herself when she came through. My client was absolutely delighted that her aunt chose this wonderful memory to share. The molasses was her aunt’s specialty and there were many happy memories connected with it. To me, it smelled and tasted so real my stomach growled.

Now that I’ve explained a bit about Psychics and Mediums…I am a SPIRITUAL Medium. I am a Medium aligned with the Holy Spirit, a dedicated person doing work with the intention of achieving the greater good. Most of us never become famous. But the highest reward for this work comes to us on a soul level. Sure, we have bills to pay. But bringing hope and closure to people and giving them peace lifts us higher than money possibly could.

As a Spiritual Medium, I base my work in prayer. Intention is very powerful. My intention is to use my mind and soul to align my work with the White Light of the Creator. I always use prayer and grounding to ensure my mediumship work stays within His Light and is protected.

Before setting a consultation appointment, it is important my client understands I work with prayers of protection and thanks to God. My intention is to help my clients achieve their greater good. If there is information the client is not “supposed” to have, then the information will not be revealed to me. I do share everything that IS revealed to me, with no judgments or holding back.

If a potential client refuses prayer, I will not be able to work with that client because prayer is mandatory for me. Prayer is how we stay safely in the White Light and away from the darkness. Intention and prayer is how we keep the reading from turning into “open mic night” for unwelcome entities.

I am blessed to be “Who I am”…You are blessed to be “Who you are.” Thank you for reading this today. Find more information and inspiration on my website: www.healingsummit.com

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  1. Hi, I’m Christen, I came across the website when I typed in spiritual medium and I find it interesting. I met a spiritual medium once at church, and I didn’t know how to interact with the person. But I’m open to learning with you.

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