What Does 1111 Mean to You?

I am told that guides, angels, and beloved spirit people and pets all enjoy sending numbers to their beloved living people. The numbers are themselves a friendly reminder that those in spirit who adore you are continually helping behind the scenes.

If you’re keeping a journal, keep track of the numbers that catch your attention. Which numbers do you see over and over, and where do you see them? You might see the numbers on a clock or watch, or on vehicle license plates, or the grocery store receipt, or your amount of cash back from a purchase, maybe even your hotel room number, and so on.

Numerologists seem to believe that 1111 is a “master number.” Simply stated, in numerology the number 1111 refers to a strong potential for the manifestation of change and perhaps even enlightenment.

However, seeing 1111 has a completely different meaning for my intuition development student, Shannon. Whenever the number 1111 catches her attention, Shannon knows that her son and her husband in spirit are saying hello! You see, her son was born on the 11th day of a month, and he transitioned to the spirit world on the 11th day of another month. But there’s more! Shannon and her husband who is now in spirit celebrate their wedding anniversary in November, the 11th month of the year.

As I wrote in my book, Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication, 2nd Edition:

Sometimes the numbers that capture your attention are special dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries, or a loved one’s time of their birth or their passing.

One of my clients, Celia Cheves Edwards, receives the number 221 every day. She spontaneously awakens during the night to see that the clock says 2:21 am. In the afternoon, her attention is drawn to look at the time precisely at 2:21 pm. This number is significant because Celia’s son in spirit, Jeff Rivera, was born on February 21st. Recently Celia shared with me that while she was gambling at a casino, Jeff proved that he was there having fun, too! Celia sent me a photo of the slot machine which showed that her winnings were exactly $221.75. Can you guess the year of Jeff’s birth? That’s right! Celia’s wonderful son Jeff was born on February 21, 1975, or 2.21.75.

Even if you don’t immediately understand exactly why a certain number seems to be your frequent number, allow yourself to feel comforted when you receive it.

Whenever you receive a new number repetitively, I recommend that you trust your intuition to interpret its meaning. There isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all discernment for the meanings of the numbers that spirit chooses to send us. This is why earlier I recommended that you maintain a journal, so you can identify patterns around when the numbers show up. You are the best-qualified person to interpret the meaning of any signs that you receive. You can trust your own heart.

Think of repetitive numbers as text messages from Heaven. And, when you receive your numbers, please remember to say “thank you.” Spirit has your number!


Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium is an intuition expert, teacher, and medium based in Carefree, Arizona.


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