Victor & Wendy Zammit Say About Soul Smart, 2nd Edition


Many people tell us that they would give anything to have a personal experience of direct communication with a loved one in spirit—to have the certainty that they continue to exist and that they are happy and still part of our lives. Susanne Wilson’s new book contains detailed information on ways such a connection can be achieved by non-mediums.

Simply written in easy to understand and engaging language, Susanne begins by taking the reader through the basics of what to expect when you die. She continues with chapters on life in the afterlife and the special provisions made for children in spirit. In the second part of the book Susanne shares discoveries gained from her many years of teaching people to connect with their guides and loved ones. She explains the basics of how the dead send and receive messages, how to center yourself and build up your power and how to have a meditation visit and a dream visit. This section of the book contains practical information that we have not come across elsewhere. The final section of the book contains the scripts of some wonderful meditations that we highly recommend for use on a daily basis.

Susanne is an evidential medium whose ability to gain detailed accurate information we have personally witnessed on many occasions. The information she gives about the afterlife is consistent with that which comes through the most reliable sources. Her vivid descriptions are interspersed with accounts of her own personal experiences and with user-friendly takeaway summaries that she calls “Soul Smart tips.”

The layout of the book is crisp and user-friendly with bolded subheadings and key points to make it easier to go back and locate those points—important because this is a book that you will come back to over and over again. It is an ideal book to give to someone who is grieving or who is just beginning to ask questions about what happens when you die. And it also contains enough new information to be used for discussion by groups of developing mediums and spiritual seekers.”

Victor and Wendy Zammit, co-authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife and The Friday Afterlife Report

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