Very “Spirited” June 5th Phoenix Event

Flashback to October 2009 in Cape Coral, Florida. I have just finished presenting my workshop, “Your Healthy Aura.” It’s post event cleanup time. My friend/healer/business partner, Pam Maciejewski, and I are collecting folding chairs. Pam abruptly turns to me and in her characteristic, deadpan, out-of-the-blue, intuitive style announces:

“Susanne, you’ll be working in a very special place out there in Arizona. You probably won’t find it right away, but you are gonna recognize it the minute you see it.”

As soon as I got out of my car in front of Casa Mariposa Center for Spiritual Retreat , I saw a luminous Spirit standing in the doorway of the Casa’s courtyard. She smiled, motioning to me in a welcoming manner. The feeling was mutual.

I hope you can join us on Saturday, June 5th, at the Casa in Cave Creek, Arizona for “Your Healthy Aura” workshop.

Anyone can learn these techniques for cleansing and protecting your personal energy field. Learn in a fun, upbeat, energizing, loving and beautiful place and way. See you there!
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