Uploading Your Life Design

After glimpsing this photo online, I was struck by a thought. That’s what we are all trying to do: upload our designs to the world. But life is what happens to you while you’re making plans (loosely quoting John Lennon).



People change. People come and go from your life like spirit guides who were there for a season or a reason.

When they go, let them. Don’t try to reel them back, or help, or fix them.

Just observe the coming in and the going out from your life.

If the wheel only sits and spins while you are uploading your design, stop for now. Pay attention. Perhaps you are receiving an early warning sign.

Nothing is permanent.

The Source has an even better design in mind and, if you pay close attention, you will know it soon enough.

<photo credit: Vistaprint.com>
Susanne Wilson is a scientifically authenticated medium, author, intuition expert and teacher. Based in Carefree, Arizona, Susanne is known as the Carefree Medium.
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