Tools for Achieving a Balanced Lifestyle

psychic_strength_building1-200x165Think about this…There is a fine line between livinglife and surviving life.  Which one are YOU doing?
Arizona Psychic Mediums Jamie Clark and Susanne Wilson offer a few guidelines for following Life’s Ladder towards achieving a balanced lifestyle:
Do Meditation
There are definitely some days when chaos seems to follow wherever we go. Wouldn’t you agree? A little peace and quiet certainly can benefit your body and mind, and make for a more productive spirit.  Susanne Wilson suggests, “Begin by taking your mind to Mama Nature. Sit quietly outside in your back yard or go to a park. No cell phones or other electronic gadgets. Pay close attention to sounds, sights, smells, and feelings – all the little details. Count the birds and notice their colors. This is great practice for focusing your mind. Get centered, calm and peaceful.”

Jamie-Clark-crop11-241x300JAMIE CLARK

Practice Positive Thoughts
Jamie says, “Mentality Creates Reality! The universe brings life experiences that reflect our inner thoughts.  Negative thoughts will
attract negative experiences. Positive thoughts will attract positive experiences. One example would be the person who wishes for time off from work.  They had better be sure to be think more specifically, by adding parameters such as, “I want time off from work with happiness, health and vitality.” Otherwise they may wind up with some SICK time off! They receive the end result, but not quite as they had expected it! Life does not happen TO us, it happens BECAUSE of us. So focus on what you DO want!”

Listen to your Intuition

Have you ever been in a situation where you had a decision to make, but weren’t confident that you were making the best choice? The first thought that comes to your mind as you ask yourself that particular question, is usually the right answer!

Learn to listen and trust your inner voice

Jamie explains, “Most of us try to analyze everything that we think about. The very first answer that pops into our mind is the one that is not analyzed. It comes from a direct connection to that particular circumstance and the appropriateness of its action. If you think about something too much, you will usually talk yourself in, or out, of just about anything. So…TRUST!”

“Intuition lets you live by divine design, not by default,” Susanne adds.

“I agree with Jamie that trust is key. Trust is so much deeper than faith.  Faith is praying to

headshot_v4-16-241x300SUSANNE WILSON

be shown the answers. Trust is knowing that the answers are within you. Trust allows you to get out of your comfort zone.  Only then can you grow in achievement of your greater good.”
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With Psychic Mediums Jamie Clark & Susanne Wilson
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