The Truth About Phone Readings

I care about mediumship and the people who engage mediums in this work. It’s in the spirit of caring that I offer this advice.

Here is the plain truth about phone readings with mediums.

Many clients believe their reading will be better if they have it in person. They think having the reading face to face will make a big difference.

It does make a difference to have your reading in person instead of by phone.  But it is a negative difference, not a positive one.

Many of those same clients who think a reading in person will be better also make a second error. They bring the medium personal items related to the dead. They believe that objects of the dead (such as pictures, jewelry, cremains, etc) are necessary for the medium to connect. Wrong!

I’m here to tell you why a phone reading is a smarter investment than a reading in person. And why you should not bring the medium personal items related to the dead.

Anytime you get a reading from a medium, you would be well advised to do it by phone. That way you’ll know the medium isn’t taking cues from your facial expressions and your body language. Listen, I don’t even look at my clients while I’m doing their readings.

All I need is your first name and to hear your voice. I don’t need to see you. I don’t need to hold onto your hands. I’m connecting directly with your spiritual team:  Your guides, your angels, and your beloved dead people and pets.

Some people think their reading will be better if they bring items that belonged to the dead person. Such as photos or jewelry. They’ll even bring the dead loved one’s urn with cremains.

Of course I am very respectful of personal items especially ashes. I don’t want them brought to my office and I’ll tell you why.

If you show me the dead person’s pictures, jewelry, or cremains, you are giving me too much information.

Why feed the medium? Not only do the dead person’s items provide leading information to the medium, they can be very distracting to the medium and you.

Now, I do know that there can be special circumstances when a medium needs items belonging to the dead, such as homicide investigation. But please wait until you’re asked to bring something.  Otherwise, you could deter the medium from bringing through information that doesn’t seem to fit with the item  you’ve presented. When in doubt, ask.

Here’s an example that left me speechless.

One time a woman brought a giant stuffed teddy bear to her reading with me.  The teddy bear, at least 4 feet tall, made me feel like I needed to try to connect with a child. In fact, my client sat down and held tightly to the teddy bear as though it were her child. She sobbed into it, rocking back and forth like a broken-hearted mom.

I felt pressured throughout the reading to connect with this woman’s child. The young soul who owned the giant teddy bear.

Throughout the reading, I kept asking spirit (silently in my mind) “Is there a child trying to come through?

In my heart I was terrified, mortified that the client would not hear from her child. (Even though I know I’m not in control of who connects from spirit, grieving parents hurt my heart. I yearn to help them.)

After the reading ended I told my client, “I am so sorry. I tried, but there wasn’t a child showing up today.”  My client looked surprised.

She said there was no dead child.

My client explained that the teddy bear was a gift from her husband, now dead. She thought it would help me connect with him. Well, I certainly did connect with her dead husband and several additional loved ones. But that was in spite of the teddy bear, not because of it.

The client loved her reading. I was incredibly drained. I nursed a headache for the remainder of the day.

I made a mistake.  The misunderstanding would never have happened if the client didn’t bring a leading item to her reading. Or if we had met by phone.

On numerous occasions, clients have brought their dead loved ones’ cremains to my office, thinking the presence of ashes would provide them with a better mediumship reading.

But sitting with their loved ones’ urns made clients so upset they could barely focus on the reading.

They weren’t listening to all the many wonderful validations. The reading was lost on them.

Readings are by nature emotionally charged. And the cremains amped up the grief even higher.

Mediums connect directly with the dead, not through their belongings, pictures, or ashes.

Under special circumstances, such as investigations for example, the medium might request a personal item in order to read the item’s energy.

But a medium can connect directly with the dead person, without your providing any pictures or belongings. When in doubt, ask.

Readings by phone or office are going to be exactly the same with a medium. About 70% of my readings are done by phone, and I meet by phone with clients located throughout the world.

Now that you know that you don’t have to travel for a great reading, you can choose from many mediums worldwide.  Look for one who comes highly recommended from reviews submitted to third party sites such as Bob Olson’s website,

Put on your pajamas, relax, and have your reading from the comfort of your home. By phone!

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium
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Susanne Wilson is a world renowned medium, author, and spiritual teacher located in Carefree near Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.
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