The Fun Of Hanging Out With Roberta Grimes

Grimes and WilsonWhen a medium and an afterlife researcher hang out together, the dead community is there!

Such was the case when I traveled with Roberta Grimes during a California speaking tour.

Roberta Grimes is the author of several books I recommend including Liberating Jesus, The Fun of Dying, The Fun of Staying In Touch, and coming soon, The Fun of Growing Forever.

Roberta and I were dining in a San Francisco restaurant, enjoying a spectacular view of Alcatraz Island and the San Francisco Bay. Roberta had just given me big news regarding how wonderfully well Liberating Jesus was being received around the world.

I proposed a toast to celebrate “spirit’s success.” Roberta lifted her glass for the toast. And suddenly, Roberta’s spirit guide, Thomas, appeared at our table seated next to Roberta, and Thomas raised his glass too!

Thomas was the spirit guide who advised Roberta that she must write the book about how 200 years of afterlife research aligns with the Gospels.

Although Thomas had a past lifetime as Thomas Jefferson (the former U.S. president), today he is focused only on activity designed to raise the consciousness of humankind.

Thomas himself wrote a book similar to Liberating Jesus (when he was Jefferson). However, his book was not published in Jefferson’s day, and the manuscript has been lost. He told us the world was not ready for the book then, as it is today! Now that is worth raising one’s glass for a toast!

Tj WoodwardWe also visited with author/inspirational speaker, TJ Woodward in San Francisco. TJ is the author of the book, Conscious Being.

Roberta and I each filmed an episode of TJ Woodward’s spirituality program.

You are invited to watch TJ Woodward’s spirituality TV show online now:  Awakened Living.

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