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How to Become Resilient

An Extraordinary Hour with down to Earth visionaries who are here to support YOU! HOW TO BECOME RESILIENT Sunny Dawn Johnston TJ Woodward Sonja Grace With host Susanne J. Wilson Are you “hitting rock bottom?” Or is there someone you love who’s hurting?   BREATHE, DEAR ONES! You are loved! Receive insights, practical support, compassion … Read more

An Evolutionary New You: Post Pandemic

An Extraordinary Hour with high-vibe visionaries who lead successful spiritual communities. And they’re coming together on You Tube to help you! AN EVOLUTIONARY NEW YOU: POST PANDEMIC   Rev. Dr. Erin Fall Haskell Dr. Jamie Turndorf Liz Dawn Donahue Susanne J. Wilson Receive insights, wisdom, compassion And tools that you need now. Live up to … Read more

FREE WEBINAR: Dr. Jamie Turndorf, Healing Grief

Here’s a FREE webinar for healing grief with my friend Dr. Jamie Turndorf. PLEASE feel free to share it. I will be introducing Dr. Jamie at the beginning of her talk. She has helped thousands of people navigate grief in a healthy way. FREE Webinar is on Mon, April 23rd, 6pm PT, 9pm ET. It’s … Read more