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All About Spirit Guides: Unity Radio

Susanne was the guest of Suzanne Giesemann on her show, Messenger of Hope, on Unity Radio. In fact, Susanne Wilson and Suzanne Giesemann teach spirit guides workshops together. They have taught the workshop entitled “Up Close and Personal” in Scottsdale, Arizona and The Villages, FL. The “two Suzannes” will teach together again in Minnesota on … Read more

What Numbers Does Spirit Send You?

  Does spirit send you numbers? Spirit guides, angels, and beloved spirit people and pets like to send us comfort through signs. Numbers seem to be one of their favorites! Which numbers do you see, and where do you see them? Notice what comes to mind at that moment. Sometimes the numbers that capture your attention … Read more

Intuition 1 Beginners – Webinar Course

Interact live with Susanne and like-minded students using the free Zoom software! Mentor with Susanne! Level 1 is a foundational course for beginners limited to 8 students. We meet 4 sessions for 1 hour & 45 minutes each. Susanne will mentor you in building your power; auras; the clairs; working with your spirit guides; discovering … Read more

There is no place on Earth like Arthur Findlay College (AFC). It is true that you can find good courses in many cities worldwide including places closer to home. However, the positive, spiritually charged energies of the AFC buildings and grounds are incomparable. In fact, some of my most memorable paranormal experiences ever, happened at … Read more

Psychic Professor’s Show with Dr. Susan Barnes

Susanne Wilson was a guest on Dr. Susan Barnes’ show, Psychic Professor on the Voices of Spirit Radio. Psychic Professor is a program that will answer any questions about spiritual communication, including personal questions through readings and spirit artistry. The show will feature guests, mediums, artists, and authors on a wide variety of spiritual topics, … Read more

Develop Your Intuition

Everyone knows there are five senses:  sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.  The sixth sense is a competitive edge.  People who tap into the sixth sense, intuition, seem to live more fulfilling lives.   My granddad, a man of the cloth, often said, “We live so far below our privileges.”  You are an unlimited spiritual … Read more