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What Does 1111 Mean to You?

I am told that guides, angels, and beloved spirit people and pets all enjoy sending numbers to their beloved living people. The numbers are themselves a friendly reminder that those in spirit who adore you are continually helping behind the scenes. If you’re keeping a journal, keep track of the numbers that catch your attention. … Read more

Soul Summit Scottsdale

AREI’s SOUL SUMMIT SCOTTSDALE The Afterlife Research & Education Institute’s 2019 conference was a heart-centered event aptly named “Soul Summit Scottsdale.” Videos created by Karl Fink of Streaming for the Soul, creative director, with Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium. This summit was an empowering immersion into the real potential of your heart and soul held … Read more


Out of Body Experience & Astral Travel Workshop In Person with Susanne in Carefree, AZ Enjoy a discussion of out of body experiences and astral travel. Experience small group hypnosis to induce out of body travel. Join Susanne Wilson for an interdimensional afternoon in Carefree, Arizona. Susanne is a “frequent flyer” on the astral plane. … Read more

Coast to Coast A.M.

Join George Noory on his wildly popular radio program, Coast to Coast A.M. On Thursday night, August 8, 2019, George welcomes back Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium. Susanne will talk about how you can make soul-to-soul connections with your people, pets, and spirit guides, including those on Earth and those living on the other side … Read more

ON WAIT LIST, MENTORING: Beginning Intuition (I1)

Ready to attend a very-small-group mentoring course with Susanne? Susanne offers 2 Mentoring Tracks: 1. Intuition Development 2. Mediumship Development Both Mentoring Tracks meet live in real-time using a webinar format with only 6 students and Susanne Wilson. You will be seen and heard by Susanne, a caring, experienced, and effective teacher. You will have … Read more

Medium to Medium: John Holland

“Medium to Medium” John Holland speaks with Susanne Wilson about talking with the Otherside and how you can realize your intuitive gifts. See John Holland on Thursday night, Sept. 12th, open to the public, in Scottsdale. He’ll also be the keynote presenter at Soul Summit Scottsdale set for Sept. 12-15, 2019.