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MENTORING COURSE: Expansion of Mediumship (M2)

Expansion of Mediumship is a continuation for Susanne’s students who completed her Beginning Mediumship Course. Expansion of Mediumship meets biweekly for 2-hour sessions. This is a well-rounded mixture of lecture, discussion, practicum, and alsosome advanced development circle experience. Includes a deeper dive into: Levels of entrancement & altered states; what mediumship is & is not … Read more

Connect with Spirit

Small Group: Connect with Spirit Seminar & Readings   Experience a room filled with the love from the Spirit World! This very special small group session is for only 8 people. Everyone who attends will be included. Susanne will speak during the first half hour with 2 important intentions: (1) she will explain what to … Read more

New Year, High Vibe!

Filled; On Wait List, Call 1.480.203.2336 New Year, High Vibe! Have you wondered why you are “here?” Do people say that you are too emotional? Do animals seem drawn to you? Have you sensed the presence of angels or other loving energies, yet wondered what they wish to say? Have you been feeling stuck in … Read more

Intuition Mentoring (Webinar Course) – Intuition 1

Do you prefer interacting directly with the teacher, instead of watching pre-recorded videos? Be mentored by Susanne, live and online. Enjoy the convenience of attending from home or office. Susanne’s courses meet on Zoom. The software is free. It takes 2-3 minutes to set-up. You will receive an email with Zoom instructions, and personal assistance … Read more

Eileen Garrett on Mediumship Ethics

Recently, I came across an essay on mediumship ethics written by Eileen Garrett, a world renowned, highly respected medium of the mid-twentieth century. Here is an essay excerpt. The “inquirer” means the sitter, or person receiving the reading. “The medium will do well to withdraw herself from the ideas thrown out by the inquirer; she … Read more

Teaching Platform Mediumship

  Susanne generally feels the area in the audience where the Spirit World is “pulling” her. This is called “Direction” in evidential mediumship. Susanne typically gives the audience 2, 3, or 4 pieces of evidence from a soul who is connecting at the start, rather than giving out only a name, or only a cause … Read more