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MENTORING: Expansion of Mediumship (M2)

Expansion of Mediumship is a continuation for Susanne’s students who completed her Beginning Mediumship Course. Expansion of Mediumship meets biweekly for 2-hour sessions. This is a well-rounded mixture of lecture, discussion, practicum, and alsosome advanced development circle experience. Includes a deeper dive into: Levels of entrancement & altered states; what mediumship is & is not … Read more

Vietnam Memorial

Yesterday, I visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC.  As I glanced at thousands of names of American soldiers who died in the Vietnam War, I felt the familiar quickening of my soul that happens when a living spirit wishes to be acknowledged.   I quickly tuned in. I saw a large, hazy white … Read more

What’s My Spirit Guide’s Name?

NAMES OF SPIRIT GUIDES New Spirit Guides will join your team from time to time, as you will attract exactly the right ones at the perfect time. You don’t need to “get a reading” with a medium to learn the name of a spirit guide. You can do it yourself. After you have done your … Read more

Connect with Spirit

Small Group: Connect with Spirit Seminar & Readings   Experience a room filled with the love from the Spirit World! This very special small group session is for only 8 people. Everyone who attends will be included. Susanne will speak during the first half hour with 2 important intentions: (1) she will explain what to … Read more