Soul Proof: What Millenials Need to Know About Death and The Meaning of Life

Brian Weiss. Wayne Dyer. Deepak Chopra. Anita Morjani. Eben Alexander. Gary Schwartz. We all know these are big names—and Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, is associated with every one of them. And for good reason—as an author, documentary producer, experiential workshop leader, among many other things, for more than 40 years he has been a powerhouse in the spirituality and afterlife fields.

Pitstick is the author of the books Soul Proof and Radiant Wellness, and his latest book The Eleven Questions, shares his and eleven experts’ answers—including Anita Moorjani and Caroline Myss—to the most commonly asked questions about life, death, and afterlife.

Undoubtedly his most cutting-edge project yet is The SoulPhone Foundation, which supports the work of Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona to enable spirit-communication with “departed” loved ones. Yes, you heard that right! If images are brought to mind of phoning and texting with someone you love who has passed on, you’d be correct—that’s exactly what is coming!

I spoke with Pitstick about what he has learned about life from his decades working with the dying, the link between millennials and depression and suicide (and what to do about it), and just how soon we’ll be able to telephone our loved ones in Spirit.

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