Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy (PLR)

In Person Only

PLR can help you discover hidden talents and create more healing for yourself and others who are in your life.

Susanne is a trained and certified hypnotherapist by an accredited college.

One of the greatest gifts you’ll ever give to yourself is past life regression (PLR) hypnotherapy.

PLR is offered only at our office to protect the quality of your experience.

The time commitment is up to 2 hours. $300.

Please note:

  • Your session is for 1 person only.
  • Please don’t come to our office if you are ill. Catching even a common cold can put Susanne out of work for weeks. Thanks!

Scheduling Page


 Individual Readings

At one time, Susanne’s wait list numbered over 1,000 people. Catching up took years – we stopped adding to the wait list.

Susanne is focused on teaching and, thus, we’ve had to limit the number of requests for readings while attempting to honor the reading requests from students.

Thus, readings are scheduled for individuals who sign-up for our newsletter (so you’ll know when to schedule) and who attend 1 of Susanne’s learning opportunities.

Wait a minute….Let’s be clear: Nobody is being denied a reading and nobody is being forced to attend a class online, to get a reading. There are thousands of wonderful mediums who are offering readings!

The Chat With Spirit Guides, an online class with Susanne, costs only $29 to attend.

 Most mediums have limits on their time and energy.

By serving her students for readings first, this helps ensure that the sitter is invested in the process. And, that leads to the most satisfactory reading outcomes. Thank you!

You are welcome to take a class online or attend a session of Chat With Spirit Guides (only $29) – Then watch your inbox for a newsletter inviting you to schedule your individual reading. 

Advice from Susanne: “How to Get the Most from Your Reading” Click Here

Individual Retreat Day on Zoom

Spend a day with Susanne to get into alignment with your soul’s calling and whip your business plans into shape. Get to know your spiritual team, create an action plan to self actualize and achieve maximum potential, and receive energy clearing-healing. You will complete a survey to help Susanne assess the general direction of the day. However, your spirit guides will meet with Susanne’s spirit guides to ensure you get the most spiritual benefit from the day. For details, please contact [email protected]