Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy (PLR)

In Person Only

PLR can help you discover hidden talents and create more healing for yourself and others who are in your life.

Susanne is a trained and certified hypnotherapist by an accredited college.

One of the greatest gifts you’ll ever give to yourself is past life regression (PLR) hypnotherapy.

PLR is offered only at our office to protect the quality of your experience.

The time commitment is up to 2 hours. $300.

Please note:

  • Your session is for 1 person only.
  • Please don’t come to our office if you are ill. Catching even a common cold can put Susanne out of work for weeks. Thanks!

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 Individual Readings

At one time, Susanne’s wait list numbered over 1,000 people. Catching up took years – we stopped adding to the wait list. These days we simply release a few appointment dates as they become available.

Individual Readings are normally offered on Wednesdays and Fridays; sometimes a Saturday is available during the month. Susanne is also devoted to teaching and research.

Advice from Susanne: “How to Get the Most from Your Reading” Click Here

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