Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy (PLR)

In Person Only

PLR can help you discover hidden talents and create more healing for yourself and others who are in your life.

Susanne is a trained and certified hypnotherapist by an accredited college.

Offered only at our office: thus is necessary to protect the quality of your experience.

The time commitment is up to 2 hours. $300.

Please schedule online.

We cannot schedule by phone because appointments fill too quickly.

  • Your session is for 1 person only.
  • Please don’t come to our office if you are ill. Catching even a common cold can put Susanne out of work for weeks. Thanks!

Scheduling Page


 Individual readings with Susanne are scheduled ONLY for individuals who sign-up for our newsletter, AND attend 1 of Susanne’s learning opportunities:

For example, her ONLINE “Chat With Spirit Guides”, a class, a workshop, or a mediumship demonstration. This helps to ensure that you are invested in the process and a spiritual practice.

At one time, Susanne’s wait list numbered over 1,000 people. Catching up took years, especially because Susanne’s primary focus is teaching.

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