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Hello! All sessions are being held by Zoom or phone.

You must be age 18+

How often may you schedule a mediumship reading to contact your spirit loved ones?

  • I ask that you wait at least one year between having mediumship readings with me. Please give others a chance to schedule.
  • If you have had readings with other mediums, please wait six months before scheduling a reading with me. I don’t want you to become dependent on mediumship readings.
  • Don’t forget to train yourself to notice signs, symbols, synchronicities, and dream visits.

About scheduling an individual reading:

  • On May 11th, we plan to open up some JULY 2021 individual reading appointments.
  • Readings are held on Wednesdays and Fridays. On a rare occasion, you may find a Saturday spot.
  • We don’t keep a wait list. Booking your appointment online, rather than calling/emailing our office, is the fastest way to save your spot.
Vacation Note: Diane Calderon and I are each away, on our family holidays, until May 11th. Our webmaster will periodically review emails in order to provide any needed assistance with downloads and class purchases/registrations.

Please preview my boundaries in my Terms of Service for Readings