4 Comeback Keys After “Hitting Rock Bottom”

We often receive email from people who are feeling sad and hopeless. Some call this “hitting rock bottom.”

Maybe you are feeling as though you will never get through a difficult time. Keep reading!

4 Comeback Keys After “Hitting Rock Bottom”

Comeback Key # 1

When you feel that you have hit rock bottom, the only direction left is up. You will rise above.

However, please let it be okay if your comeback is gradual. Much suffering occurs because people want their problems fixed now.

We are all “gradual” students on this Earthly plane of existence.

I am a work in progress.
You are a work in progress.
People whom you admire are works in progress. Period.

Comeback Key # 2

Remember that nothing is permanent. But every experience can have meaning.

The old saying, “this too shall pass” is spot on.

None of your life experiences will be wasted. The experiences allowed you to become you.

Comeback Key # 3

The words you say to yourself will influence your comeback, perhaps more than you know.

Be honest but kind with yourself. Assess and speak to yourself as though you were helping your dearest friend.

Focus on the “I am” statements. “I am learning. I am powerful. I am beautiful. I am talented. I am loved.”

Comeback Key #4

Celebrate with gratitude. You will know you are healing when you begin to recognize how much you have rather than don’t have.

When a gratitude thought pops into your mind, take a quick break. Close your eyes. Envision yourself surrounded and enveloped by gratitude. With a little practice, you can begin to feel the positive vibes through your body.

Your vibe will inform the Universe that you are shining your light more brightly.

You are a child of The Source.
You are never alone.
No one is loved more than you.

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Susanne Wilson is a scientifically authenticated medium and intuition expert who teaches courses online to students worldwide. Based in Carefree, Arizona, Susanne is known as the Carefree Medium.

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