Mercury Retrograde Tips

These tips have helped me during any retrograde, and I hope they are useful to you. Please feel free to share them and send me yours!

The Divine is within you.

You are stronger than any planet.

  • Be vigilant to regulate your emotions. This is a time when old wounds can rise up. With all the chaos in our outer world, the inner world needs extra peace. Count to ten before acting in anger. Journaling is a good outlet for releasing emotions and realizing how much you’ve grown.
  • Back-up your files from your devices now. If you have stored any documents on your desktop or anyplace that’s not getting a daily back-up, get them backed-up first.
  • Read the fine print three times. I find that it’s okay to sign a contract now, so long as that contract represents a positive revision to your life. Just make sure you completely understand every word and ask a lawyer or qualified person about your questions.
  • Follow the directions. I like to cook. My friend likes to build model cars. We are both good at freestyling, doing it our own way. However, to guarantee good results we follow the recipe/directions for now.
  • Execute on some of those positive revisions that you have wanted for yourself. It may be the perfect time to get the surgery that you have delayed. This is a time for your revisions, your positive changes.
  • Hold off on difficult conversations. Communication challenges are magnified; plan accordingly. This is not the time to discuss the big issue with your overly demanding loved one, boss, or client. However, if someone is truly  harming you emotionally or physically, take care of yourself without delay and know that abuse can intensify now.
  • Resist fear. Do not give away your power. Many will be vulnerable to more readily accept rumors and false information. Even those who don’t normally succumb might be vulnerable now. Practice your critical thinking skills.
  • Pray, meditate, exercise, journal, enjoy a hobby, call a friend… Be you, the adaptable you!

Susanne J. Wilson, MPA is an intuition teacher, metaphysical researcher, and author based in Carefree, Arizona and known as the Carefree Medium.

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