Reiki & The Hummingbird by Jenna DiGiuseppi

A note from Susanne:
Jenna was a student in my Reiki certification class. Recently she emailed me about her experience with Reiki and a hummingbird. With Jenna’s permission, I am happy to share her wonderful healing experience with you!


Early last Saturday morning, I was sitting in my kitchen using my computer. I have some lovely daisies on my table, and I believe a hummingbird outside assumed the daisies were outside as well. Much to my dismay, the hummingbird came flying into my glass window at full speed and then dropped into a bush.

I usually do not like to pick up ailing creatures. I always feel so bad for them. And I didn’t want my dogs to become curious and get to him. It was also only 50 degrees and raining outside. I had a feeling this  hummingbird would die without body heat from flapping his wings.

I picked up the little cotton ball of a guy and carefully placed him inside a small box on top of a soft cloth. Then I sat with him in a quiet space in my kitchen, a selenite lamp next to him and Reiki healing music playing. I asked St. Francis to please help him. For a minute, I did question whether to do Reiki on him, wondering if he was broken somewhere. But he seemed to be in shock. When he began convulsing, something amazing happened. Reiki came out of me in full force!

I gently blew the Reiki power symbol on the little guy. I checked him every 15 minutes, giving him more Reiki each time.

After 2 hours he was all fluffed up! He looked better and was sitting up like a little chicken. He was following the sound of my voice with his beak held up in the air. I then brought him outside, noting how carefully  he was listening to all of the other birds in my yard.

His tiny wings were now perked up and prepared to go. Unfortunately, his feet were not quite as ready! His little claws were wrapped around the loops in the cloth that I had put in the box for his comfort. He did not seem to panic and was kind enough to allow me to help release his claws from the cloth, slowly and gently, using a toothpick.

I pet him for what must have been the hundredth time that morning, saying aloud “God speed little bird.” With that, he hopped up onto the ledge of the box and flew off into the tree in my yard!

Let me tell you: there is nothing like petting a hummingbird. And I saved a little life. With all the love I felt for him, I could have kissed and kissed him.

I love having my Reiki! I am always willing to help heal the world over “here.”

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14 thoughts on “Reiki & The Hummingbird by Jenna DiGiuseppi”

  1. That is such a sweet story! I had the same thing happen when a little Pine Siskine flew into my window two summers ago. Made my heart fill up with love when it flew away! <3

  2. I too am a Reiki practitioner (Master-Teacher) and had a similar experience with a hummingbird who got caught in the opening below the windshield inside my RV. I finally got him/her into a little cup and put him on the desert outdoors. There I did Reiki on him without touching, but he seemed dead / was not even breathing. Within an hour, however, he flew away! I intuited that this experience happened to help me with my grief regarding the death of my partner who died from an accident inside the RV–by allowing me to save a life of such a precious creature. Bless you Jenna and Susanne!

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