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Susanne-Wilson-purple3-e13315177454521Can’t travel to my office in Carefree, Arizona?  No problem…I can do your reading or psychic development coaching by phone or Skype.   You might wonder:  Is the “quality” better if you meet with me in person?  There is no difference in the quality of your session whether we meet face-to-face, by phone or Skype.

Here are my top 3 most popular sessions:


My Signature Reading is a powerful & comprehensive session for mediumship and psychic information.  I will give you messages from your deceased loved ones & guides.  My specialty is bringing through the personality of the deceased.  I will also cover your life issues; many times I answer your questions before you can ask me.  For this reading I work extra hard — I also do a pre-reading meditation for 15-20 minutes before your appointment.  In the pre-reading meditation, I invite your people on the Other-Side to communicate with me & I take notes to help strengthen the link with spirit. (1 person only) REQUEST APPOINTMENT


In this reading I connect with your guides to provide clarity around life issues & your soul’s purpose.  We can cover topics of your choice, such as career, relationships, education, finances and moves.  I empower you to make your own best decisions with calm & peace.   (1 person only) REQUEST APPOINTMENT


Why not make the most of all your abilities? Tap into intuition to improve virtually every area of your life. In these private one-one-one sessions, I tailor the lessons to your needs and your level of development. I provide customized expert guidance and a safe, positive and fun learning environment. My students come from all walks of life, such as doctors, entrepreneurs, psychic readers, stay-at-home parents, massage therapists & others interested in tapping into intuition. Private coaching will empower you to better understand & develop your intuitive abilities.  (1 person only)   REQUEST APPOINTMENT


Susanne Wilson is a spiritual medium, psychic consultant & teacher in the Phoenix, Arizona area.
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