Chat With Spirit Guides – LIVE July 2019 (more…)


Chat With Spirit Guides – LIVE July 2019 (more…)


Chat With Spirit Guides May 2019

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Every Chat with Spirit Guides event will include a special topic of discussion for the first half. 

The second half will be Susanne and Spirit Guides answering questions for attendees.


July 18 2019 Healing of Blockages:

  • A special Native guide assists in this presentation focusing on healing.  Susanne describes a special moment with those in spirit when she visited the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.  Questions regarding how to know if one is on the right path in life, and the purpose in life.  Advice on how to ask the Guides to assist you in knowing if a pending decision, or advice, or direction in life is a positive one, or not.  One attendee received guidance on a big decision regarding setting up a healing retreat!



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