Out of Body & Loving It

Susanne-Wilson-purple3-e13315177454521I bet this sounds familiar …You fall asleep but suddenly wake up because you dreamed you were falling down.  Most likely you were just starting to have an out of body experience (OBE) but something awakened your mind.

OBEs can help us grow spiritually and “visit” with spirit guides, angels and loved ones in the Afterlife or astral plane.  Most of us have our OBEs during sleep.

I cherish my sleep –(Just try to get me to an 8:00 am meeting and you’ll find out how much) — Yet I am grateful for travel to the astral plane because it creates sacred space wherein time is non existent and potential is unlimited.

During a recent OBE while my body slept, I had the privilege of meeting up with my beloved dog, Marley, who transitioned in 2007.  I could hug her, smell her sweet musky doggy scent, run my hands through her rich black fur, and feel her doggy kisses on my face.  And then I saw Marley turn to acknowledge my sister.

Christmas_Card-300x240 Funny thing is this–My sister is alive in the physical world. And last I checked–I am alive, too.

Yet here we were, my sister, me & my so-called “dead” dog Marley.  The three of us joyously together on the astral plane.

I documented this OBE the next morning, saying nothing about it to anyone.  When I spoke with my sister several days later, she spontaneously told me that she had “met up” with Marley and me in a lucid dream.  My sister proceeded to recount our astral conversation in detail true to my own documented account.  This was very comforting and validating for us.

How can you get more OBEs?

Here are some tips you can try! Several times during the day:

  • Repeat the mantra, “I travel outside of my body in perfect safety and health.”
  • Visualize yourself flying like a majestic bird over water, forests and mountains.
  • Ask your guides and angels to assist you in traveling outside your body and having the gift of remembering your travels.
  • Write down your intention to have an OBE in your journal.
  • Listen to songs that have make your heart soar with joy.
  • Release all fears about OBEs and trust.

In the morning, after a good night’s sleep try these techniques:

  • Starting at your feet, tense up and then relax your entire body one area at a time.
  • Visualize a small object floating directly in front of you.  See your astral body reaching forward towards the object.  As you reach for the object, feel yourself slipping free from your body.
  • Pretend you are hearing a verse from a favorite song.  “Hear” the verse over and over.  Let the verse become an instrumental melody (no more words).  Next let it become vibrations.  Feel the vibration pulling you free from your body.
  • Lie down.  Raise your arms up in the air.  With each hand (not touching the hands together, but keeping them separate), rub your fingers together for a few seconds, then continue to keep your arms up while you completely relax.  If you start falling asleep, your arms will fall and this will wake your conscious mind.  The trick with OBE, as always, is to wake up your conscious mind just enough to join with your subconscious into astral travel.

Bon Voyage!

Susanne Wilson is known as the Carefree Medium.  Susanne is a spiritual medium, psychic consultant and teacher in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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