Death by Suicide or Murder: Not Part of a Soul Plan

The majority–but not all–of afterlife researchers concur: data from more than 200 years of research indicates that souls don’t plan, before their birth, to die by suicide or to die by being murdered. And, if you will continue reading–even if you disagree–you will find some truly positive information, as well as a deeper understanding of the “afterlife.”

Murder is a free will-based choice of the murderer. Someone who died by murder most likely had a potential “exit point” near the time of the murder. But murder itself was not part of a soul plan.

Suicide is a free will-based choice of the person who died by suicide. The good news is that those who die by any means, especially suicide, are LOVED and well cared for immediately upon arrival to the “other side of life.”

There is no hell and no judgment for choosing death by suicide. Quite the contrary! There is tremendous unconditional love.

One who dies by suicide will find that he is still very much “alive” and in a solid form. He will feel the pain of everyone whose heart has been broken by his death, but please do not upset yourself about this because it’s an integral part of your loved one’s healing. He will soon wish he had stayed and worked more on his Earthly problems. Fortunately, he will be offered counseling, peer support, healings and rest in a Hall of Healing, and all of the additional help that he needs, to grow into a state of complete self forgiveness.

Younger people seem to have an easier time forgiving themselves for death by suicide. Older people seem especially disappointed in themselves, unless their suicide was part of euthanasia due to severe intractable physical pain such as cancer. Older people usually seem to take longer to realize self forgiveness.

Your prayers and kind thoughts will definitely help your loved ones in spirit. Please continue to send them your love, and please realize that they are doing quite well overall!

Working On One’s Spiritual Growth is A Blessing and Not a Punishment

Many people have contacted mediums upset to hear that their loved ones must “work on forgiving themselves” for death by suicide. Sorry, but we mediums do not write the rules! I have a loved one who died by suicide, and I am relieved to know that he continues to work on his spiritual growth in Heaven.

More Good News!

All people have the promise of eternal progress of the soul. Yes, you and I will have the opportunity for spiritual growth, even after our physical deaths.

Please do not think for a moment that having “work to do in Heaven” is a bad thing! In fact, I find it comforting! Imagine how boring Heaven would be if, after death, we became blissed-out airheads floating around without a clue. Fortunately, life in Heaven is rich with activities, purpose, and meaning.

If your loved one died by suicide, I recommend these videos.

The first is by Dr. Victor Zammit:

This is from Dr. R. Craig Hogan, President, Afterlife Research and Education Institute:

These are from Dr. Mark Pitstick at and


If Your Loved One Was Murdered

Please be assured your loved one is perfectly whole! She did not die alone nor did she die in fear. No one ever dies alone! In fact, we are never alone. Our spiritual teams comprised of guides, angels, and loved ones in spirit are always around us.

If your loved one was murdered, I especially want you to know about Dr. Mark Pitstick’s teachings. When I was preparing to speak to a large group of parents of murdered children, Mark wrote an insightful and comforting article for the parents.

“When death occurred, your loved one’s spirit/awareness was very likely watching it impassively from above.  He was probably much more concerned about you than the demise of the physical shell because he was more clearly seeing that no one really dies.

From his new perspective, he could see that his physical body was just a temporary vehicle that was no longer needed. I hope this information helps you from tormenting yourself that your loved one suffered horribly.  

Even if she was speaking or screaming at the time of death, her real self was already flying away and not feeling what you might assume.” – Dr. Mark Pitstick

Read The Full Article Here


This video is for anyone whose loved one was murdered. This is from Bob Olson at


Was My Loved One’s Soul Plan Unfinished?

Some people write to mediums to ask whether their loved ones in Heaven suffer because they were unable to “complete” their soul plans due to death by suicide or murder. In Heaven, no one seems to think that way! Most soul planning is conducted in terms of broad strokes–not intricate details–for our lives before we are born. I doubt if many people accomplish all of the objectives in a soul plan, ever!

There is no point in focusing on whether a soul’s plan was “completed” or “cut short” because that is the farthest thing from your spirit loved one’s thoughts.

In fact, it seems that most every soul on Earth and in Heaven is a beloved “work in progress.” And I know that I am. How about you?

Trust that your loved ones in spirit are doing well! They love you, and they continue to be a huge part of your life.

I urge you to focus on recognizing signs from them and on learning how to connect directly with them, without getting a reading from a medium. My heart goes out to you! I would like to gift you with a guided meditation to help you connect directly with your loved one in spirit.

Here is a link to get my international best-selling meditation FREE. Nothing will be required from you! Simply DOWNLOAD HERE

For step-by-step, very detailed instructions on how you can invite dream visits, meet in meditation, and tips on contacting them directly without a medium, there are plentiful resources including my book Soul Smart: What the Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication.

Susanne Wilson is a scientifically authenticated medium, author, and spiritual teacher based in Carefree, Arizona. She is known as the Carefree medium.

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  1. Thank you, Susanne. I am sending this on to a friend who’s husband died at the hands of another a couple years ago. I know she will benefit greatly from this information. You are wonderful, and I want you to know that the reading I received from you soon after my beloved husband died a few years ago was exactly what I needed to hear. While I still miss him terribly, you proved to me that he is with me still and that he knows everything that is going on in my life.

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