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This article grew from a Facebook Group discussion thread. It began with a post about a historical physical mediumship demonstration conducted by Gordon Higgenson in Glasgow, Scotland. Gordon Higgenson is arguably one of the finest, most highly credible mediums ever.

The following is an excerpt from the post that started the Facebook Group discussion thread:


This is a fascinating report of Gordon’s largest ever physical séance held in Glasgow in 1972 in front of over 200 people.  During the séance, loved ones materialised and spoke via direct voice even though there was not perfect blackout conditions.  

It also includes reports from those whose relatives materialised and we see just how much evidence was given. Read More

Upon reading the article, I posted a comment on the discussion thread.


Susanne Wilson’s comments in the group:

In September and October 2015 and 2018 [after physical mediumship demonstrations in Scottsdale], I was inundated with questions about why today’s physical mediums don’t allow participants to wear night vision goggles if a participant wish to do so. Every time physical mediumship seances come to Scottsdale, we local mediums in AZ bear a formidable aftermath, sometimes even from those who–at the time–said they enjoyed the seances here, then thought it over more.

I have emails saying that everything they believed has been questioned now, after sitting in the dark; they even doubt me for referring them to see a seance, when Arthur Findlay College and others tell us that night vision goggles would not hurt the medium….And here, in this post, we have the most spectacular Gordon Higgenson not even requiring full blackout conditions. Wonderful!

I believe in physical mediumship and phenomena but to protect mediumship and sitters, both, I want it to be done in a way people can see in the dark or some kind of harmless light….Will we ever get there? I have colleagues who refuse to appear at any events that have physical mediums who work only in the dark. We need to be united, not divided.

I, and many [mental] mediums have submitted ourselves to scientific tests in double and triple blind studies, and so we do “walk our talk.” I want to keep physical mediumship alive and growing, and not controversial, and yes, more mainstream.

[End of Susanne’s comments in the group]


Nicole de Haas, who is a highly respected medium and teacher from The Netherlands, posted an eloquent and quite thought provoking response. With Nicole’s permission, her response to my post on the Facebook Group thread follows.

Nicole de Haas

I can only say that I understand the comments, but most comments are from sitters who don’t understand the dangers and mechanics of physical mediumship. I have been there, years ago sitting in some séances in darkness as a sitter, questioning everything because I could not see. The real reason had nothing to do with darkness and not seeing, but the doubt comes in if you are not touched by the power of Spirit.

Lately I heard a term that touched me because I know there is truth in it: “Spiritualism seems to develop into Phenomanism.” And that is sad! It should not be about the phenomena. We forgot the true essence and purpose of bringing the love, healing, inspiration and communication in an objective way as physical mediums.

As a sitter I have sat with a physical medium who refused to be checked by me and I insisted on that. Then I become very skeptical, because if you work as a physical medium in the public domain, you must allow to be searched. There only has been one physical medium that convinced me at that time in the same dark conditions. So what made the darkness no issue, sitting with that particular medium? It was the power and presence of the Spirit World that was tangible. The evidence and experiments that showed without a shadow of doubt the intelligence of the unseen world.

One physical medium, because of all these discussions and problems with physical mediumship in this world, refuses to sit in a cabinet nowadays. He still has physical phenomena and many in red light, but what does it serve? Does it serve the demands of this world or the Spirit World? I think it does not serve the Spirit World at all. With his decision, it has taken away the possibility for materialization that he used to have on occasions, as a cabinet is needed for that process.

So my question is: “Who do we serve?”


There are many mental mediums nowadays who are only a shadow of the mental mediumship level and quality of pioneers in the past. They work in light, on platform like I do as well on occasions. Does that mean, that because we can see it, it is real? I sometimes see [mental] mediumship of a very poor quality that I doubt more than a genuine and good physical séance in the dark.

There is only one physical medium I know of being gagged in public to make sure that the voices are not from the medium. That, to me, is evidential and it also shows that we, as physical mediums, must take precautions and challenge ourselves constantly.

Concerning the light in the séance room: I do hope and I think we all hope, to be able to work in lightened conditions some day. I know it can be done but not when we demand it, but in the time that the Spirit World needs to develop us.

I mentioned before [in the Facebook Group] that I burned myself a couple of times because of taking shortcuts. Well, there are no shortcuts in development of mediumship and I learned the hard way. Many physical mediums of the past started to work in red light after developing in the dark (yes, even Gordon Higginson developed in the dark first). But with many of them, it shortened their lives and affected their health. So I can imagine that in certain cases the Spirit World chooses for the duration of the medium being able to do the work.

Concerning night vision goggles: I think it should not be a problem physically in the séance room if the medium is developed to a certain degree, but it could have an affect on the séance psychologically-wise for the medium, just like one single skeptical mind can have in the séance room.  There have been situations written in history of mediumship, where the power of thought of an individual sitter affected not only the séance, but in one case it even made the physical medium collapse in the cabinet. This particular experiment was at that time done by university students in a séance.  


If the thought comes in that we need to prove something to this world, then that can prevent us from surrendering as mediums. Physical mediumship is not a game, but at all times the physical medium put his/her life at risk. So there must be full trust to be able to let go. It is a very delicate and complicated process, but if we don’t stop, in any aspect of mediumship, with thinking we have to prove something and convince people in this world, we are on a dangerous pathway in mediumship.

I think the Spirit World has a different answer to the questioning mind concerning the dark séance room. I am convinced that they know what to do and when the time is right to do so. And that is bringing in their own light/ illumination at occasions, so that there is no need for an other device. But that is a process of development that will take years. But we know now, that good and genuine physical mediumship takes many years to develop if the ability is there and if the circle sits in harmony and love.

I always say that we will be the best medium on the day we die, so we develop a life long as human beings spiritually and as physical mediums in our aspect of mediumship.

I can only hope and dream that we get this quality of mediumship back, but I also hope that those who have a true interest in physical mediumship educate themselves, are open to learn and get a good understanding about this wonderful form of mediumship. Even the working medium should be open to learn at all times. We never know the full picture and should have an open mind and heart. Because to me, there is no other way that brings you closer to the world of Spirit than physical mediumship.

About Nicole de Haas

Nicole de Haas is a medium and tutor from the Netherlands. She works as a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College and as a tutor and organizer at the Zwanenhof, one of the largest centers for mediumship and personal development in the world. Nicole teaches various aspects of mediumship in her own country and all over the world.

Nicole demonstrates not only mental mediumship but also trance and physical mediumship. Her aim is to inspire, to connect, to touch and to reunite people with their loved ones and to bring an understanding and knowledge about mediumship; it is all rooted in her passion for and dedication to the world of Spirit.  

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