Near Death Experience of a Medium

I am Medium Susanne Wilson. As a child, I knew I was different. I tuned in to energies around people, animals and plants. I saw colorful auras clearly and watched them changing around people. I felt the emotions and physical ailments of others.

 I grew up knowing often what would happen ahead of time. I was musically and linguistically gifted, playing piano and understanding foreign languages with minimal effort. I saw and communicated with people who were deceased.
As a young adult, my psychic gifts seemed to have no practical use. I remember several times trying to guess the winning lottery numbers without success. Friends encouraged me to offer readings, but I didn’t see the point. I preferred being a smart girl not a weirdo.

I retreated into normal life as defined by graduate degree, career, marriage, and overall good citizenship. I commuted, worked 8-5, voted, recycled and volunteered. Life on auto pilot was going well.

But each of us on Earth has a gift or purpose. Sometimes God gives us a wake-up call. Maybe you have experienced one in your life. My wake-up call came as a near death experience (NDE).

My NDE happened during an allergic reaction that escalated into anaphylaxis. As my throat closed off from anaphylactic shock, my Spiritual Self stepped completely backwards and out of my body.

Outside my body, my Spiritual Self felt vibrant and peaceful. I watched the medical professionals working on my body. They all looked shiny and illuminated. I felt so peaceful that I recall looking at the trauma scene and thinking it was over blown and unnecessary.

I was wholly, joyously disconnected from my body. Time didn’t exist. My Spiritual Self was a Light Being in a place where time didn’t exist. I experienced what felt like an hour’s worth of activity in just a couple of minutes of Earth time.

I drew my attention away from the slow-motion trauma scene unfolding around my body and turned towards the white spiritual lights. Then a dawning realization: The white light was not just around me. The white light was in me. I was one with the light.

I felt an awareness of loving, protective unseen arms enfolding me. I heard sounds, indescribably beautiful music. Not instrumental music. It was music emanating from thousands of spiritual voices singing together as mystical, spiritual “instruments” creating a symphony of praise and love.
I realized that someone I knew, someone whom I adored and had been very close to as a child, was holding onto me. My granddad, a Protestant minister who died 32 years earlier, was there. Granddad had come for me! I was thrilled. I already felt I was a part of that heavenly country where the spiritual symphony played in joyous perfection.
My attention was rudely drawn back to my body, when an epinephrine injection was jabbed into it. I jolted back into my physical self. The pain on being vacuum-sucked back into my physical body was excruciating. My first breath of air sent crushing pain into my chest and my throat felt on fire.
I heard telepathically: “Your work hasn’t started.” I didn’t understand what that meant (and didn’t think about it again until weeks later). I was fully back in my body. The trauma team didn’t look shiny anymore but I still saw white light filling the room. I could hear the thoughts of others in the room. I felt their controlled panic like it was my own, though I was oddly calm.
As I lay in the stretcher in the ambulance, the world around me now looked duller and flatter than I remembered. The white light was gone, but I envisioned it flashing in my mind’s eye.
The paramedic sitting next to me in the ambulance was telling me how lucky I was. I desperately wanted to tell him where I had really been, but I didn’t feel strong enough and couldn’t find the words. I was shaking uncontrollably and felt freezing cold chills due to the epinephrine, the shock or maybe both. All I could manage was to stare up at the ceiling of the ambulance.
There in the ambulance above me, I felt an angelic presence floating over me. I could see Granddad again in my mind’s eye or third eye, just like how I used to see the so-called dead all the time as a child.
In fact, after the NDE, I started seeing and hearing Spirits just about everywhere. It was confusing and overwhelming at first. At first I didn’t know what “work” I needed to “start.”
Teachers started appearing in my life. Synchronicities started happening and became regular occurrences. I learned to recognize and act upon synchronicities as sign posts that point the way.
My Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels connected with me and began working front and center in my life. With practice and guidance, I learned to manage the spirit communication process. I learned to work within the white light and how to protect myself and my clients from darkness or absence of white light.
For a long time, I wouldn’t share much detail about my NDE because I couldn’t find words adequate to express my experience. I only became choked with emotion. What I have been talking about since my NDE is this: We are here on Earth to love and support each other.
I support people who are working to scientifically prove the existence of the afterlife. All who are grieving should know their loved ones are right there with them, always.
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1 thought on “Near Death Experience of a Medium”

  1. My boyfriend died just last Nov 5. Everything gets hard for me since then. I knew about NDEs years ago, and because of his death I started to search about it again, to know if he sees me, besides me or already forgotten about me.
    I get stumbled in the stories of the mediums relating to the “astray spirits”. I think it doesn’t match with those people who had NDEs.
    Can I ask you what can you say about it?
    Your blog is helping me, thank you very much.

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