My Personal Message From Heaven

Yesterday I received a special birthday gift from Spirit.  It was my birthday, my 50th to be precise.

Normally when I first wake up, I immediately thank God for blessing me with another day.  Then I do my prayer for the golden bubble of protection for myself and my family.

Yesterday morning, Spirit reached out to me first.
Best of all — Spirit chose to make a grand appearance that even my “civilian” husband could see.

For 3 years, I have been “haunted” by my near death experience (NDE).  I describe this NDE on my website, Medium Susanne Wilson.

During my NDE, I felt an awareness of loving, protective unseen arms enfolding me. I heard sounds, indescribably beautiful music. Not instrumental music. It was music emanating from thousands of spiritual voices singing together as mystical, spiritual “instruments” creating a symphony of praise and love.

When I awakened on my birthday morning yesterday, I was hearing that same music!

It started softly and became louder, and I let the harmony wash over me.  When it finished, my main Spirit Guide sidled up next to me and said “Happy Birthday.” I responded aloud with “Thank You.”

Next my husband and I dressed quickly to take our 2 schnauzers out back for their morning potty time.

When we opened the sliding door to the back yard, a wondrous sight awaited us.

There sat a large, bright white, shiny entity on a patio chair.  The shiny white light quickly flashed, grew larger — into the outlined shape of an enormous white dove — before shooting up about 5 feet and fading out.

As a Medium, I see the paranormal daily; and if my husband is with me, he usually doesn’t see what I see…Imagine my surprise when my husband turned to me and exclaimed, “Wow!  Did you SEE THAT?  What WAS that?”

That’s when I told him about the heavenly music that played.  “I think it’s a greeting,” I told him.

My husband took it in for a moment and then grinned, “Happy Birthday, Honey.”  And we shared a big, happy hug.

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