Mothers Day, A Love Story

A sweet, precious mother-in-spirit visited with her living daughter today, during a reading at my office. My client’s mom-in-spirit came to me with her signature scent and the scent name, and she was singing and humming her song, “You Are My Sunshine.” Two very important details to her daughter, a wonderful woman in her 50s, who was having the reading.

As the reading was ending, the mom-in-spirit asked me for a favor. “May I use your body, so I can hug my girl?”

How could I say no. As her spirit entered my body’s cells, all my energy shifted…Now I felt the emotion between mother and daughter, as if it were my own love. My body temperature changed, from warm to chilled.

The hug was powerful and only a few seconds long. As the spirit-mom left my body, she said, “Happy Mothers Day.”

I walked my grateful client out to the reception room, where HER two daughters were waiting. The reading was their gift to their mom!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! She will always be with you.

Susanne Wilson is a medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What the Dead Teach About Spirit Communication.


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