Message for School Teachers

Human beings touch many lives, often without realizing how deeply.  I want to share a message that came through last week for a school teacher.  This message applies to all who teach others.

I was doing a phone psychic mediumship reading for a woman who lives 1,500 miles away from me.  As usual I didn’t know anything about my client, which is how I prefer to work, protecting the integrity of the reading for the client.

I am a natural born psychic, spiritual medium.  I have read for people of all faiths, diverse cultures & occupations.  Like many mediums, the primary way I receive spirit communication is through symbols.

Towards the beginning of this reading, I was seeing the following symbols as mental pictures:

  • The face of my 6th grade science teacher, Miss Fisher
  • My client as a physician in white coat with stethoscope
  • Children morphing into doctors & nurses, surrounded by people & animals

This was a very curious series of symbols…
First off, I hadn’t thought about my 6th grade teacher in years.  Miss Fisher’s class was the only class where I had confidence to raise my hand.   I was undoubtedly perceived to be a strange kid, emotional and distracted.  As an empath, I picked up on the moods of others.  I could see auras and the occasional visitor from the Other-Side.

It was easier to be shy & withdrawn at school.  But Miss Fisher kept me engaged.  She encouraged my inquisitive & intuitive nature.

So here I was doing a phone reading, and being shown Miss Fisher.  And being shown my client as a physician, surrounded by kids morphing into healers…Within a few seconds, I grasped the message intended for my client.

I told my client, ” I am being shown that you could have been a physician, a healer.  But you chose the path of teaching science to kids…So you are inspiring & creating future healers…You are a wonderful teacher helping create future healers that take care of sick & injured people and animals.”
I could sense emotion from my client.  Usually I ask the client to wait until the reading is over to share specific information, but she couldn’t wait.  The message was a very special validation of her occupation.
Not only was she a science teacher.  She was a science teacher who chooses to commute to the inner city to teach the most disadvantaged of children.  She teaches & inspires kids whom our society half-expects to under achieve, drop out and maybe end up in jail.
“Yes!  I know I’m in the right place,” this teacher explained.  And she was grateful for the validation.
God has a plan for each of us.  We are all connected.
Teachers are a gift from God.  Each of us is a Gift from God.  Find your gift & live it.
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