Guided Meditations

LOVE LIVES FOREVER: Connect with Your Beloved in Spirit
Death is simply a change of address. You don’t have to “lose” your loved ones just because they transition to Heavenly home. You can live in their presence, not as scary ghosts, but as beloved members of your tribe. Connect with your loved one, person or pet, in spirit today. (17:29 minutes) $7.95 MP3. Coming soon: CD.


5-minute meditation for daily use. Quickly get yourself grounded, protected, and ready for the day. (5 minutes) $1.95 MP3.


Hereafter Now: Connect With Loved Ones in Spirit

HEREAFTER NOW: Connect with Loved Ones in Spirit
This highly acclaimed meditation has been performed at conferences and featured in books. Many have reported making successful afterlife connections. (29:09 minutes)  $7.95 MP3.  $14.95 CD.


Guidance Quest

GUIDANCE QUEST: Connect with Your Spirit Guide
Meet with your master spirit guide and guardian angel. This meditation is the one Susanne and Roberta Grimes discussed on Roberta’s popular radio show. (26:40 minutes) $7.95 MP3. $14.95 CD


Synergy Peace

SYNERGY PEACE: Manifest Health & Serenity
Create better health, more harmony, and balance in your life. Chakra balancing and connecting with your higher self. (21:43 minutes) $7.95 MP3. $14.95 CD