Mediumship Certification Program (MCP) – By Teacher’s Invitation Only

CONGRATULATIONS on your commitment to your soul’s greater work and to upholding the highest standards for mediumship.

Enrollment is due on Saturday, February 22nd.
Program begins on February 29, 2020. Take a leap on Leap Day!
Susanne is honored to assist you on your path.



There are two certification options:

Evidential Medium Certification

Conscious Channel Certification


What to Expect During this 6-month Certification Program

  • 8 private 30-minute mentoring consultations with Susanne. You can combine minutes for 1 hour sessions. Scheduling is available online for your convenience.
  • 3 MCP Cohort Group meetings on Zoom with all MCP students. Held approx. every other month. At orientation we will poll everyone to ascertain our best meeting times.
  • 1 hour student orientation on Zoom, scheduled on Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 12:00 pm noon AZ/MT, 11:00 am PT, 1:00 pm CT, 2:00 pm ET.
  • You will be able to text questions directly to Susanne (Mon-Fri) for quick questions directly related to your development.
  • You will submit 4 video recordings to Susanne for assessment. Or 4 inspired addresses/channelings for conscious channeling students.
  • You will complete any assignments that are outstanding from the prior courses, M1: Beginning Mediumship and M2: Expansion of Mediumship.
  • You will create a video of a teaching presentation to be presented to your peers. This is your final project: teach for 15-20 minutes on mediumship, consciousness, or a related topic subject to teacher approval. Remember, as a medium, you are an ambassador for the spirit world and a teacher for humankind.
  • You will evaluate and provide written feedback to your peers on some of their work. This exposes you to differences in styles and fosters collegial relationships that could last for a lifetime.

“Susanne Wilson is a world class medium and spiritual teacher.” – Victor Zammit, J.D., attorney, author, and world leading afterlife researcher


  • Free registration in public webinars that Susanne is hosting for the duration of your certification program. For example, Chat With Spirit Guides. If you have already subscribed, we will add the 6 months to your subscription.
  • 50% discount for I2 – Take Psychic Strength Building for yourself, begins Feb. 5th, and save half. See Diane Calderon for registration assistance.
  • 20% discount for a friend in any Zoom mentoring classes offered in Feb/March 2020. See Diane Calderon for registration assistance. Limit 1 per MCP student.

You will be certified by Susanne J. Wilson, MPA, one of today’s most highly credible teaching mediums.

“Susanne Wilson is a brilliant clairvoyant and evidential medium.” – John Holland, psychic medium, author and teacher

Be a graduate!

At completion of your certification program, you will receive these amazing benefits:

  • Written endorsement and official seal of certification from Susanne Wilson. You may use this on your website and on any of your collateral materials.
  • A special referral listing on Susanne’s website and referrals from our office staff for new clients if they cannot wait for Susanne. We provide 3 referrals on a rotating basis.
  • An announcement and interview article all about you in our newsletter.
  • Certificate of completion to frame and display to commemorate your commitment to service to spirit and your disciplined, hard work.
  • An online Graduation Ceremony. You may invite guests to attend this happy, blessed moment. The ceremony will be held webinar style. To be scheduled October, 2020.

NOTE: Do you need CEUs? Please check with your accrediting agency, i.e., massage therapists who need CEUs. Susanne will work with your agency to support your CEUs.


You may make monthly payments for 6 months, or take advantage of the one-payment discount shown below.

Each month your card will be automatically charged $500 for a total of 6 payments. ($3,000 total investment.)

You may pay for all 6 months upfront and receive a $500 discount: $2,500 plus 3% service fee ($75) will be charged, one time, to your card.

Or, save yourself the service fee and mail your check for $2,500 payable to Susanne Wilson:
PO Box 2733, Carefree, AZ 85377-2733.
Sorry, checks are not accepted for monthly installments. Thank you!

“Over the past twenty years I have had the privilege to conduct scientific research with over thirty evidential mediums and Susanne Wilson has been one of the best. Her ability to receive detailed and verifiable information is exemplary, and she understands (and appreciates) the requirement for multi-blinded protocols in controlled mediumship research. Susanne’s skills as an evidential medium are complimented by her high integrity, credibility, and moral principles. Also, Susanne is warm and kind with a delightful sense of humor. I regularly recommend Susanne to my closest colleagues and friends who are interested in not only readings but in working with her to better understand and develop their intuitive and mediumship abilities.”
Dr. Gary Schwartz
Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, & Surgery, and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at University of Arizona


Pay Once – $2,500 + $75 transaction fee will be charged now

Pay Monthly – $500 for 6 months. Your first payment of $500 will be charged now. If you are paying monthly, please pay anytime between now and February 22nd which is is the deadline (7 days prior to our orientation session).