Marley & The Rainbow Bridge (Part 1)

Marley is our dog who lives on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

On the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, our loved ones in spirit (people and animals) await our arrival.

Yes, heaven is our true home, but we’re only homesick because because we miss them!

My husband and I very much miss Marley, this loving dog-child of ours, but we are both grateful she is able to visit in spirit. Yes, Marley the schnauzer visits us in spirit. I have seen her many times, but of course, I’m a Medium.

But others have seen, heard and felt her presence! Marley’s ability to manifest is a testament to the power of love and the force of one little dog’s big personality.

When my husband and I made the decision to euthanize Marley due to her failing health and pain, little did we know she would reach out from the other side.

Marley also found a way to let us know that putting her to sleep was the right decision, at the right time.

The best way to start Marley’s story is to share her memorial tribute:


In Memory of Our Darling Schnauzer Girl
(January 12, 1994 – December 14, 2007)

There is sad news to share from our house…Marley passed away peacefully last evening, while in the loving arms of her Mom & her Dad. Marley had a fabulous life and was LOYAL AND LOVING TO THE VERY END.


Marley’s registered name was Mystic Marley Moonshine. She would have been 14 in January. She bravely survived a bout with cancer when she was only 4 years old. She was very tough and athletic – everyone thought Marley “must be a boy” when they first met her.


• To travel….by car, boat and jet ski. Every time we anchored the big boat at Sanibel Island, Marley went on a shore excursion. She rode on a raft to the shore for a walk on the beach. Tourists from all over the world took photos of that little black dog, coming ashore in her raft, wearing her life jacket.

• She love crunching on shredded wheat cereal, licking popsicle sticks, and most of all — WATERMELON, (a.k.a. “Marley Melon.”)

• Sharing a non-alcoholic beer with her Dad was true bliss. She loved being Daddy’s Girl.

• Letting Snoozer and Cotten know who’s boss was mandatory (at least quarterly).

• Lying over her Mom’s tummy, whenever Mom was sick was her call to duty.

• Marley loved her special group of Aunts and Uncles. She adored her Parents, and she would always “defend” her Mom (whether she needed any defending or not).

She always put her Parents first…..Marley greatly helped her Mom get through 2 tough years of physical rehab from a major injury in the 1990s….And just last month, Marley never left her Mom during Mom’s serious illness. The Vet said that Marley was very tough. She must have gone to great lengths to hide her own illness from us — waiting until she knew Mom was really okay.

Marley’s Benediction – Our final prayer last evening with Our Darling Girl

“Our Heavenly Father, we commend unto to you the spirit of our loyal and faithful friend, Marley. Please welcome her, with open arms, into that Heavenly Country where there is no sickness, and there is no death. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Before her last breath and while still in our arms, our darling girl looked lovingly at us. Peace and love shone brightly through her eyes….We told her — one final time — how much we will always appreciate and love her. And that we will all be together again one day in that Heavenly Country.

Here is what I didn’t say in the above email:

I actually saw Marley leave her body! She left her body very peacefully…I saw her spirit shoot out of her body, quickly, right after her last breath.

In spirit form, Marley was silver-grayish, translucent, and puppish looking.

She pranced this way and that like she was in a speeded-up version of herself. Young and healthy again.

Then she shot upward and out of the room.

It stunned me, took my own breath away for a moment.

The vet looked at me, smiled, and said simply, “You saw her. It happens sometimes.”

Marley would continue to make her presence known to us.






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