“Should I Quit My Job & Become a Lightworker?”

Should you quit your traditional job and become a professional lightworker?


First, what is a lightworker?

There are many lightworker definitions in the current literature.

For example:

  • A person who devotes her or his life to being a bright light in the world.
  • A compassionate person who others feel pulled  towards and who can more easily be manipulated by users.
  • An energy healer or other person using metaphysical gifts to help humankind.
  • A person who has extreme empathy and compassion and is drawn to help others.
  • A person who helps others heal in a way that includes spiritual and emotional health.


I believe that everyone is meant to be helpful, hopeful, and healing. For some, that will become the thrust of their lives’ work.


As an intuition educator, sometimes a student will ask me: “Should I quit my traditional job and become a full-time lightworker?”

My response to the student is that becoming a full-time lightworker is a calling first, and then it becomes a choice. Timing is critical.

First, please ask yourself:

Am I running away from a job, or am I walking patiently into my soul’s calling?”


Patience is required to discern your next steps, and, practical issues must be addressed.

Work is work.
Bills must be paid.

One must generally charge money for lightworker services, unless one has a trust fund, a hefty retirement fund, or a financially secure partner who agrees to pay all of the bills.

Regardless, lightworker services can’t all be given away, because people don’t usually value free things.

I used to give many free readings to individuals who said they couldn’t pay, only to learn that the same people were paying others for readings. At the time, I was struggling to pay the monthly bills myself.

REMEMBER: God doesn’t write paychecks.

Being a lightworker does NOT mean that you and your family must endure extreme sacrifice or become destitute.

You can help many MORE people as a full-time rather than as a part-time lightworker.


If you are considering leaving a traditional job to become a full-time lightworker, here are a few initial considerations. These are snippets from the webinar, Lightworkers: Managing Business With Ease.


  • Have your teachers/mentors recently assessed your skills and abilities? Schedule a formal session with at least two of your teachers/mentors. Ask them to be  frank. They will tell you whether you need more training or practical experience prior to beginning or expanding your lightworker practice. Please, schedule and pay for a formal session rather than firing off an email asking for advice. Teachers receive hundreds of emails every week. This is one of your life’s inflection points. Treat this with reverence.
  • Consider whether you will need to invest in anything new: additional education, equipment, faster internet, or perhaps an office space if required.
  • Save money, preferably 8-12 months of income from your current job before you resign. Cut expenses but nothing too painful.
  • Start early with developing your brand. For now, begin a list of websites that attract you: the ones where you like the colors, fonts, and navigation. These can be from any industry.
  • Game it out. Choose a close friend who has earned your absolute trust to be a sounding board. Talk through your process of winding down your current career/job and starting your new one. This friend needs to know you well, and not necessarily know the business. This will help you identify nuances, the little things that can make a big difference.
  • Calculate your break-even. Please see the example below.


Webinar: Sunday, March 7, 2021.

Break-even Analysis: Show Yourself the Money

Note: This information is for illustrative purposes. Please seek the advice of an accountant, attorney, and/or tax advisor prior to making these decisions.

While I don’t mean to be reductive–there is more to consider–the following information will help you understand what it takes financially to start and sustain your business.

Read More About Breakeven Analysis

Wherever you are, you are a lightworker every time you brighten your corner of the world.

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, is an intuition educator, author, and a teaching medium based in Carefree, Arizona.

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