“Love Lives Forever” Small Group Reading

Experience a powerful connection with the Spirit World in an intimate setting of about 10 participants in Cave Creek, Arizona, north of Scottsdale – Phoenix.

 Everyone receives a reading — assuming everyone is receptive to any message that comes through. The small group size allows Susanne to provide brief, focused attention to each participant.

This is an informal, unscripted and supportive environment with a compassionate Medium. As Susanne says, “I call it open mic night for the Other-Side. All Spirits and messages are welcomed, provided they originate from God’s white light working for your greater good.”

Please be aware that there are NO guarantees — with any Medium — that a specific loved one will come through. The Medium is simply the messenger. Be open! “Let go and let God” as you experience connection with Spirit. We never know what to expect…The group may share laughter, or tears, or best of all, a sense of peace through connection with Spirit.

Current plans are to offer a small group reading monthly at Casa Mariposa Center for Spiritual Retreat in Cave Creek, Arizona. The next meeting is May 16th.

For more information and tickets, please go to: Love Lives Forever, May 16, 2010

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