Living in the Afterlife

header-fade2Most world religions believe in “life after life.”  But they don’t attempt to describe what it’s like.  Many deceased people, (spirits), have come through for their loved ones in readings saying they are doing great and very busy!  They tell of meaningful work and exciting recreation in the Afterlife.  Most importantly, they continue to feel part of the lives of their loved ones in the physical world.

Based on years of doing readings and connecting with spirits, and then confirming many of these details in the writings of metaphysical thought leaders — Here is what it’s like:  Living in the Afterlife

Life is wonderful! You’re not just floating around…You can work, play and live within a community.  Places you want to travel and many activities you enjoy are just a thought away.

I’ve had people come through raving about all the opportunities.  A few have said they finally made it to Alaska — via the Afterlife. Others have spoken of creating works of art, including a woman who was busy creating skyscraper-sized murals.

I had a wonderful young man speak of hiking in heaven with new friends.  Remarkably, he also helped these friends come through in readings with mediums including me.  You can make new friends, visit with old friends, and connect with loved ones you have “lost.”

You can assist souls who are crossing over, be a spirit guide, send inspiration to the physical world, teach classes, take classes and much more. I’ve had spirits communicate that they are taking care of babies. Others work with animals.

I’d like to work for a while in the healing place.  Many spirits have told me about going to a healing place.   In a reading I was doing a few years ago in Florida, a spirit came through calling the healing place “Spiritual Rehab.”   That name has stuck with me.  Those who die in great emotional pain, such as addicts and suicides, have the opportunity to rehabilitate.

In Spiritual Rehab, specially-trained spirits cocoon those who feel “broken” in compassion until they are ready to be whole and accepting of the peace that surpasses understanding.

connect-with-spirit-banner-300x35You may also decide, eventually, to reincarnate so you can continue your soul’s growth in which case the soul “divides” to accomplish this purpose.

What about the people you miss in the physical world?
When you graduate to the Afterlife or Other-Side, you will be happy to know that your relationships continue with your loved ones in the physical world. When they think of you or pray for you — You will receive their messages in your spiritual aura. And they, in turn, will receive your messages of love and inspiration through signs, symbols and synchronicities.

butterflybg23Living in the Afterlife — You will continue to take part in your earthly loved ones’ celebrations and support them in their sorrows.  And in time, you will welcome them home!

Susanne Wilson is a spiritual medium, psychic consultant and teacher in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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