Listening to “We Don’t Die” Radio, I Received a Sign from My Big Brother

Susanne received this testimony of a sign from spirit from a lovely woman named Carleen. This amazing account is being published with Carleen’s permission.

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Dear Susanne,

I wanted to write and thank you for the work that you do. I was listening to episode number 87 of “We Don’t Die” with Sandra Champlain today on the way home from the grocery store. It was the first time I’d heard you speak.

Right near the end of the radio show, at the moment you were speaking about receiving signs from our loved ones, I received a sign! Loud and clear!

My brother Cedric died by suicide when I was 15 and he was 28, back in 1987. I have tried to chat with him through mediums several times, but he tends to be pretty quiet.

This week, I published a book that uses one of his wonderful Big Brother metaphors that meant so much to me. Today, as I was listening to the conversation between you and Sandra, a car drove by with this license plate: CED plus 3 numbers after it.

At first, I chuckled when I saw the license plate with the initials “CED” and I said, “Hello, Big Brother!” Then, it hit me: the three numbers on the license plate? That was our area code growing up!

I instantly knew this truly was a direct message from my big brother in spirit to me.

(photo is a representation only)

The car drove off really quickly but I was able to get a blurry photo.

What a beautiful experience. I thought I would pass it on to you and Sandra Champlain.

With love,
Carleen Matts-Behrends

Carleen Matts-Behrends co-authored a book along with Lisa Shaffner-Son entitled #EXTRAOrdinary: Ride the Waves & Share Your Story available now on Amazon.

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