JVP vs Walters: What you NEED to hear – Not what you WANT to hear

Heard about the James Van Praagh and Barbara Walters controversy?

As Medium Jamie Clark says, “Your reading comes from Spirit. It’s what you NEED to hear, maybe not what you WANT to hear.”

Well, I’m on a few days of vacation right now and I’ve been thinking about this. Why do we, as Mediums, bother to do this work when there are people like Barbara Walters who only want to hear what they WANT to hear. People who will “diss” the Medium for speaking the truth from Spirit. (The “shoot the messenger” philosophy).
On the “up” side, Mediums feel the emotional reward of sharing our gifts of the Spirit. We help prove the existence of the afterlife. We help heal grief. I’ve received many cards, letters, flowers and gifts from clients who have touched my heart with their gratitude for receiving a healing reading. 95% of us are barely making a living, so it’s not for the money.

In case you’ve been living under a media rock….Barbara Walters didn’t “like” what she heard from James Van Praagh about her future health issue in a brief, private reading. James had been a guest on The View, and Barbara had asked him for a brief, private reading backstage afterwards.

James predicted a heart problem for Barbara. Sadly for both of them, Barbara went publicwith her disdain for James and his prediction. She simply didn’t like the information and she made several disparaging remarks about James on The View. Yet several months later, James was (unfortunately) vindicated when Barbara experienced a heart problem as predicted.

All Mediums have had similar experiences. All mediums, from Sylvia Browne to JVP to the Medium in your town have gone through the “shoot the messenger” mentality with a client. At the time, they act like they are receiving a good reading. Later, they decide they didn’t like what they heard, so the whole reading is labeled as “bad” by them. So what is the takeaway lesson here? The client’s unhappiness is with the information, not the Medium. The client should probably be working on their own problems more constructively, rather than looking to Mediums.

I think the lesson is simple. Don’t get a reading if your mind is closed. If you’ve been seeing a psychic or Medium who always tells you only the “good news” or always reinforces only what you “want” to hear, then that is the true definition of a bad reading.

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