Jamie Clark: Is Mediumship a Spiritual or Physical Ability?

Jamie-Clark-01.12-174x200Recently I was asked the following question:

“Is mediumship really a spiritual ability, or is it more of a physical one like being a human radio? It seems like most mediums I know complain of electrical mishaps happening around them, which makes me wonder.”

The question was from a member of our Psychic Strength Building  group on Facebook.  This is an online community I founded with Susanne Wilson to provide a non-judgmental venue to help like-minded people explore, understand and expand their intuitive abilities.

Is mediumship a spiritual or physical ability?  This is an excellent question.  I feel that mediumship is both a spiritual and physical gift.

The Soul essence animates the physical body, but the part like the “radio dial” is there for all to use.

Meaning that you can be anything in the way of good or bad, and still use your intuitive gifts in any way you like.  All is allowed with the “big guy.”

Just because you are not tuning in, doesn’t mean it is not playing… Because the frequencies of the Universal Mind are always  playing.

The question then becomes:  What channel are you tuning into?

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 Guest Blogger Jamie Clark is a psychic medium & teacher in Phoenix, Arizona.  Visit Jamie Clark’s Website
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