Is it time to put your pet to sleep? (Lucy’s Signs)

timthumb (3)I can’t think of a more emotionally-charged question for people who love pets. This subject is so emotional, I promise to keep this blog brief.

If you are reading this, I believe it’s because you are meant to know the story of Lucy’s signs.

Our friends euthanized their dog, Lucy, the other day. Their experience reminded me of how important it is tolisten to your pet when it tells you it’s time to let go. Letting go is your gift.

Lucy gave her family a sign when it was time to let her go. And she gave them a sign that she was okay after she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Lucy had a long life of happy romps, playing with toys, giving kisses, and being the best Golden Retriever anyone could ever hope to have. She was like a daughter, always there for her family anticipating their needs. One day, and it seemed to come on suddenly, Lucy’s health began to deterioriate.

The Vet did everything that could medically be done. Alternative therapies were tried. Lucy was rapidly losing weight and she had to be coaxed to eat. Soon after, Lucy “spoke” to her family. She spoke on a soul level. She said it was time to let her go.

It happened during a feeding session. Something was different. This time Lucy turned her head away, took a breath, and looked back at her family very soulfully. It was as if they heard her say, “Please, no more.” Lucy had given them the ultimate sign. With the love of her family and the help of a caring Vet, Lucy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully.

Is it time to put your pet to sleep? You may not be faced with this question today, but most pet owners will face it at some point. The best advice is simple: Be “tuned in” to the present moment with your pet. Is he enjoying his toys and food and being with his family? Or is pain a distraction? Look into those eyes and open your heart. It’s not aboutyou.

Here’s a wonderful sign from Lucy
Right after Lucy crossed over to the Other-Side, she sent a sign that she was just fine.

When they came home from the Vet, my friends sat on their back porch together. They saw something they had never seen before…A stunning, huge butterfly appeared on the flowers nearby, dancing and fluttering as if to signal their attention. The butterfly bore the same golden-orange color of Lucy’s luxurious coat.

Pets in Spirit
As a Spiritual Medium, I can tell you from experience…On the Other-Side there is so much gratefulness from pets. They never second guess your decision to put them to sleep. All our pets are young, healthy and looking forward to our arrival, some day. When it’s our time.

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