Intuition Development

Be mentored in tapping into your natural intuition.

Everyone is born with intuitive ability. But some people figure that out and they learn to trust their inner wisdom. Everone has an invisible team of guides, angels, and loved ones in the light. Spirit Guides are the unsung heros of the Afterlife. They provide gentle nudges along your path to help you. Developing your intuition gives you better access to your inner guidance and your spiritual team.

My private intuition development lesson are customized for your goals. I take students when we feel guided to work together. My students are located in many parts of the world, including U.S.A., Canada, Australia, England, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

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I have mentored people from many different walks of life. Most of my students aren’t wanting to do readings for other people. They simply want to live to their soul’s fullest potential.  For example:

Medical professionals –  Learn to help their patients (people and animals) heal faster, by using BOTH of their talents, medical and intuitive.

Executives and business owners:  Learn to make more profitable and ethical business decisions.

Stay-at-home parents:  Learn to understand their own intuitive abilities so they can recognize and nurture their child’s intuition.

Public safety officials. Police, Fire and First Responders: Learn to trust their intuition to keep the public, themselves, and their families safer.

If you’d like guidance from your spiritual team right away – Here’s a suggestion. Tonight when you say your prayers or affirmations, ask for the gift of a dream visit with your Spirit Guides. And ask for the gift of remembering the dream. Next, before you go to sleep, ask 1 question that you would like answered. Most people will wake up “knowing” the answer. If it doesn’t work the first night, try it 3 nights in a row.

If we decide to work together, the first session is to ensure that you have a solid foundation in grounding and protecting your energy, and understanding the body’s energy centers.  If we do more than 1 session of mentoring, the rest of the curriculum that I provide will be customized for your life path, goals, and level of development. You will gain experience with methods to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and your deceased loved ones. I will help you meet your master Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel. We will do practice exercises, guided visualizations, breath work, and more. Your first session will be $200, and any additional sessions for yourself after that will be $175 per session.