Transcript of Inspired Address (Nov. 7, 2019)

Susanne Wilson
Development Circle with six attendees. The circle was held via video conference on November 7, 2019.

[Susanne leads the circle. Here, she is providing a guided visualization.]

“And now, you may think of yourself as though you are being lifted up.  You may think of yourself as though you are in a very big, wide elevator going up, up, up, up.  Vibration going higher, higher, higher and higher. Perhaps there is a quickening feeling, and in your mind you can say ‘I raise my vibration higher and higher. I raise my vibration higher and higher. I raise my vibrations higher and higher.’

Everything in my life, now, comes from love. Everything in my life now comes from love. Everything in my life now comes from love.

Even if I don’t understand everything in my life now, I know that:

It comes from love.
It comes from love.
It comes from love.

I am love.
I am love.
I am love.

We are in the intention of tapping into anyone in other dimensions who has wisdom that comes from the light — a message of peace, love and protection, guidance — and…Oh! Something just hit me really strong. I’m being shown that we’re having our spinal columns — like, some kind of sensation in our spinal columns for all of us — and as I just said the word “all”, they said “All, we’re all here, all gathered.”

I know they can manipulate spinal fluid and some things and it’s about communication. About communication, and some of it is about healing us. So, we are getting some kind of attunement right now.  Oh that’s cool. Keep it coming.

[A minute of silence.]


Hello friends. We are the ones who live in the flowers. We live in the flowers, we come to you through the flowers, the angels of the flowers.  We come to you to tell you to take in a perfume. Take this perfume into your hearts.

You have this very quaint saying of  “stop and smell the roses.” This comes from us, from the inspiration we gave [to] you, to have you stop, and take a moment. Feel the love that you have been given, the beauty of the flowers around you, the plants, even the most straggly, lonely dandelion is a gift from us — something, perhaps, to make a wish upon, or to observe how many delicate pieces are on this straggly, lonely little dandelion. [Flowers are] the intricacy, the shapes that comes from the stars, from our hearts.

You may think of us as the Earth angels. We like the names specific to those of faeries and all of those silly creatures, but we’re not so silly. Yes, we have joy and we dance, and we love. We make these gifts for you. It is that one that you call God that gives us the authority to prepare these gifts for you to see.

The next time that you reach down to pluck the weed, to smell the flower, know that all of these things are gifts. All of them give you responsibility for [feeling] joy, for a moment, to distract you from your earthly challenges and responsibilities.

We [Earth angels] are here to make this world more beautiful for you, and sometimes we make your heart sing. And, sometimes the things that we make with the authority that the One God has given us, are ceremonial for you. Have you ever noticed that you cannot attend a wedding, a funeral, without seeing one of our flowers, for they signify the coming and the going. The blooming, the growth, the death, the cycle. And in this way you come to understand your own cycle, and to know that around you is the beauty that we create. And everytime you notice this beauty, one of us sings. Goodbye.

[A short pause, and then Susanne speaks again.]

There’s a rabbi here, a rabbi wants to speak.  He’s not channeling directly, I’m just going to try and repeat what I hear.

He says “greetings”, and “to continue to seek your wisdom of your soul.” And know that, even in his times, there were those who opined for times of much earlier; [they longed] for the old ways, and they thought we had lost our way.

But you have not lost your way. The difficulties that you see in your world now are a reflection of the opportunities that all souls are here to face.  That we have choices to make every day. To either be creative or to be destructive. Sometimes destruction is really de-construction, as in taking down that which does not further the growth of the souls and creating something in its place. The challenges in the new creation that we allow all that we have done to be done from compassion and not springing from the need to increase one’s material standing in one’s community.  The challenges and greed, the worries over reputation, all of these lead to the avarice of the soul. And as we face our own demons, know that in our reality, the only demons of which we are aware are those of the mind, and clear those demons of greed, ego, and the avarice that follows while you are in your bodily form, so that upon your arrival to our world, your world, your adjustment is much more pure and enjoyable. As a rabbi many times, the teacher many times, even as a priest of catholicism, [in different lives], I have been…” [Susanne pauses.] I’m missing some words I think; it’s not direct channel, but he’s saying he’s been [involved in] many religions. And, he still ministers to the souls, when they arrive [in heaven].  He ministers to the ones who didn’t defeat their demons [remember, he said these are “demons” created by one’s own mind] here on Earth. Their adjustment time can be very painful, only because they want to do it over again.  They want to come back, and release the [inner] demons that they created in their minds here before they leave.

When we [who are here, on Earth] sit and talk about all that is wrong in the world, unless we are providing solutions, unless we’re supporting those who provide solutions, we should remain silent, because we are creating more for the ego to defeat. More demons, that’s what he meant, more mental demons for the ego to defeat before leaving [meaning before dying]. We create more hate in our hearts, we feel the fire of hate from others.  Basically, he is saying we have to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. But he’s saying it in a way by letting us know that he’s been a teacher in different religions, but the one true way, as we know, is love.


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