How to Choose a Medium or Psychic

I am a Spiritual Medium who works strictly within the protective and healing Divine White Light of the Creator.

 If you have decided to consult a professional Medium or Psychic, I highly recommend you do your homework first.
Check their websites and, if possible, talk to other clients. Use your own discernment and listen to your gut instincts. Look for someone who has a reputation for being caring, loving and talented. Though most of us need to make a living and pay bills, the Medium or Psychic should be doing this work primarily to fulfill his or her greater good in service to others.

Mediums should exude empathy and professionalism. If you find one who chats with you about his or her own personal problems, brags a lot, requests favors, or breaks confidentiality, these are red flags (denoting inappropriate boundaries and self absorption).

Does the Medium appear to work within God’s love and light? Being God focused and prayer grounded protects your reading from inviting in negative energies. You should walk away if “magic spells” or incredible guarantees are offered. Again, trust your gut feelings. You have intuition; use it wisely.

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